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The Unemployed Bill of Rights (because broke people deserve freedoms too)

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2009 at 1:58 pm

Our main man James Madison has inspired us to create our own Unemployed Bill of Rights, because broke people deserve freedoms too! This is the first of 10, look out for the rest in the upcoming posts…

James Madison goes hard

  1. Freedom to be unemployed, and freedom from the shame of being unemployed

If one more person asks me what my future goals are, or implies that I am not doing enough with my life…there are no words that can describe what my initial reaction will be…when that day comes and that special someone would be stupid enough to step to me in that way, it will be drama. I just need to have the right to be unemployed, and be respected as a human being. I should not have to explain myself. I should not have to list my goals in graphic detail. I should not have to apologize to anyone, and I should have no shame in my status as an unemployed American. The first step in dealing with unemployment is coming to terms with being without a job, so one could get off one’s haunches and find one!

No person, in time of peace, war, or anything in between, shall bear uninvited judgment on another persons status of employment or unemployment. If you don’t like the fact I don’t have job, get me one!

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