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It’s On Like Pop Corn!!!!!

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We are now located at:

Come check us out!!

Expect new posts within 48 hours…


Ebony and Tiffany


Its On Like Popcorn!!!!!

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We are now located at:

Come check us out!!

Expect new posts within 48 hours…


Ebony and Tiffany

As GOD IS My Witness WE will open again! and never be hungry too …

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Much apologies!!  But, we are pushing back our opening to February 15, 2010.

"As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again!" Scarlett O'Hara when she finds out her homeland 'Tara' has been wrecked by the Yankees

As is with all things in life, we are a work in progress and want to make sure that we consolidate all of our materials and yours (thanks readers and contributors!) in an AMAZING way when we come back.  No more poorly thrown middle school dances here.  It’s a concert!

It has taken slightly longer than we thought as Ebbs and I both have had some interesting things happen within the past month.  More about that in February.

We want to remind all of you both unemployed and employed that EVERYONE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!  So embrace all this drama and think of all the fun stories (the humor comes with time) you will tell your kids, grandkids, future husband, pet, etc. when …. well … that’s up to you.

Remember that if you want to share a story, write something, share artwork, talk about the unemployment/employment in your area or anything that concerns just trying to make it in this world, contact us at:

If you are curious as to what we are up to or how we began, send us some questions!

Here are some ways to follow us when our URL changes:

1)  Join Facebook group: “Obsolete When All Are Employed”

2) Google “Obsolete When All Are Employed”

(not Obsolete, or Obsolete When — please write the whole thing out :))

3) Email us

4) Join our Twitter “@theunemploychro” (located at the bottom of our site)

If you want to read past articles and find the archives confusing

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Here's Tiff!

Here's Ebbs!

Thanks!!! Everyone! We LOVE YOU!  So remember to please come back on President’s Day,  February 15, 2010.

Promise me, no matter how bad the recession gets, you will not inject cooking oil into your face!

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Before and After

Yes, cooking oil.  And 10 pounds of it. Don’t believe it?

Another Before & After

Apparently because of the recession, people who can’t afford professional botox and plastic surgery are resorting to home-made efforts.

‘Standing Fan’ otherwise known as Hang Mioku is an example of someone who failed to auto-plastic surgery herself at home.

Oh…and there’s more…

Yet another...Before & After

Too much…but there is a lesson to be learned….

She was not a victim of recession (more a plastic surgery addict…but perhaps the silicone became much too expensive after a while…who knows?) but this mom from Twin Cities is:

Silicone lube is different than silicone used in plastic surgery. But don't use this information to try something else please!

She wanted bigger lips, didn’t want to pay for botox and ended up buying silicone lube and injected herself with it.  Now she is disfigured because the silicone isn’t absorbed by the body.  She has to pay thousands more to fix it.

So please, please no matter how desperate you get, don’t try this at home or in your car or wherever.  Natural beauty is the best!

Obsolete When All Are Employed

The 99th Hour: Happy Holidays and Goodbye For Now!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

We started with a vision and it has been awesome seeing it unfold. Really, we just wanted the blog to be a safe place for people in our situation –either looking for a job or in one – to feel comfortable and know that you are not alone. We wanted to take this post to say goodbye until next year, and also to (gasp) reveal ourselves!

Here goes Tiff!

Again, we are not experts but we are in this deep and since we are learning so much, we hope that you folks are getting something from it. Every time we write a blog, we take our readers into consideration and are hoping to engage in some kind of discussion. Thank you readers for your ideas and input. Thanks to those religiously following us – we got your notes and it gives us so much hope!!

Here goes Ebbs! And no, this is not an advert for Outback!

We know that unemployment isn’t sexy, but with all those gossip blogs out there, we are hoping to be read along with them. The next time you all take a break, please remember to look for us!

Just a reminder that we will be ringing in the New Years on January 25th so don’t check us out until then.

Oh, Sophomore Year...

Please feel free to read our past posts until we come back…until then…much love!

Obsolete When All Are Employed

Founders: Tiffany A. & Ebony J.

Unemployment Bill of Rights: Amendment 3 (broke people need toilet paper too!)

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Conditions for the Broke and Unemployed

I guess my job is worse ... but at least it gets the "job" done

The Right to be quartered and have Quality of Life

No unemployed being shall, in time of peace or war be denied the proper conditions to live as a healthy human being.

If anyone tells me that I am not fit to be housed, receive proper health care, or have access to educational opportunities or the ability to buy certain necessities like toilet paper because I don’t have money, I’m not broke, the system is!

Many argue that health care should not be a right because that allows the government to control how we live (aka regulate us if we want to do something crazy like sky dive because it’s ‘not healthy’). But if broke people are expected to scrape up pennies from their couch to PAY UP FRONT for the extraction of wisdom teeth, a regular doctor’s checkup, a gyno check up, an eye exam, that is a problem.

 1) Number one, I can’t help growing useless teeth

Yup, I like to be useless. And No, I'm not in league with the oppressors.

2) I can’t help being a woman (who by default is susceptible to PMS, certain cancers and uterus problems)

I'm a ram!

3) I CAN’T HELP BEING DARWINISTIC (why should celebrities and politicians be the sole survivors?)

It takes a while for me to look ... well good. So let's hurry up and fix the system!

 Many argue that we can’t make it a right because people will take advantage of the system (just ask a nurse about homeless people). Sad as that may be, we still live in a poverty measurement based on the purchasing power parity (PPP) of 1963 and the dollar today ain’t worth nilly to the dollar back then. FACT: Bad things happen even if you do make the right decisions so you can’t make system that punishes every one.

If you ask me where we are going to get that money? Maybe if our head honchos stopped holding all these fancy ceremonies, in which catering a ONE DINNER party for 100 people can cost up to 16,000 + dollars (I cater events , so I know) and reallocate/ rebudget that to the wellbeing of the people, that’s a start.Or if they’re worried about presentation and face, why not hold a charity event (no food), bring in some toothless kids and then make every one feel guilty for living an extravagant life.

We want som’ more too, Oliver!!!


The 2008 poverty threshold measurement for a family of four was around 22,025 dollars BEFORE TAX. Did anyone ever hear of INFLATION??? Gosh knows what it is today.And how does this cover the costs of all that we discussed in PART ONE?   If we want a system that promotes fertility control and a sustainable population (since our population is predicted to hike from 6.6 billion to 9.1 billion in 2050), we need to provide the resources for broke people to do so! It has been noted that restless people get frisky! And that means the medical means to stay healthy.

 ***The poverty thresholds are updated annually for current price changes (income unadjusted for inflation) and not changed in constant-dollar terms (income after inflation)

36 states reporting declining unemployment, and more from South Africa

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36 states reporting declining unemployment – Dec. 18, 2009.

Full story above….

This post is going to be two-fold, for your pleasure…

Rates fron Jan 09 to now

Supposedly more and more states are reporting declining in unemployment (yay!) but CNN had some troubling stats to go along with these findings. According to CNN and The Department of Labor, the unemployment gap between whites and blacks is becoming wider and wider, which is making many debate as to the reasons for this. As of now, Black Americans have the highest rates of unemployment. Educated Black Americans also have the highest rates of unemployment among those who have obtained higher education.

In a different part of the world, the gap in unemployment seems to be following racial lines as well:

According to the New York Times:

“Although South Africa is the continent’s wealthiest country, income inequality remains among the worst in the world. About 29 percent of blacks are unemployed, compared with 5 percent of whites. When statistics include discouraged workers, or dropouts from the labor force, the jobless rate climbs to nearly 50 percent. Most of the unemployed have never held a single job, according to a study by a panel of international economists.”

What, me worry?

Tatenda G. talks some more about what is really going on down in South Africa:

The strengthening of the rand against the dollar is creating a new dip in the unemployment situation of this country. Though the US dollar has been stronger recently, the weakening of the US dollar directly affects our manufacturing and production sectors, and has since the beginning of 2009. It is speculated that if the dollar does not get stronger, two million jobs are going to be lost due to the for casted cutting down in production (this is because the US is not importing or exporting goods with SA anymore). Two more million people on the streets, two million more job hunters, two million people without a paycheck. The situation is getting more and more tense everyday.

Even the police have been reporting about an increase in basic commodity theft from grocery stores. Most people are finding it hard to cope with the situation so they have resorted to crime. A lot of people now have a low self-esteem and have given up hope on getting jobs. The public shelters are overflowing with people that can not afford to pay rent. I even know of some people that are buying TB contaminated *sputum so that they be be diagnosed with the disease and be put on the government disability fund just to get a little bit of cash and get along with the requirements of their everyday lives.

This situation has also led to a decline in the services rendered by local governments. Just recently Durban commuters were stranded after the local bus service provider pulled from the roads because they could not offer the service anymore and a lot people lost their jobs due to that situation. Also in Cape Town, a lot of train commuters were left without a plan after the Metrorail workers went on strike requesting wage increases. Most people did not work due to the lack of transportation further plunging the production and the revenue into turmoil .

Unless a logical and effective step is taken, and  we all try to figure a way of empowering ourselves and becoming our own bosses…this situation will never change…

This is disgusting, but sputum is  “matter that is expectorated from the respiratory tract, such as mucus or phlegm”

Maintaining OUR Sexy: Details on Our Revamping, Moving, and Shaking

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One can learn how to maintain sexy from Dr. "take that, take that" himself...take that

Hello people,

We at Obsolete when all are employed have major adjustments we need to attend to, so we wanted to clue you in! There are a few steps to this happening, so follow me if you will:

  • Our last post will be on Wednesday 23rd, 2009. (this Wed). After that post, we will not post until January 25th, 2010.
  • When we DO post on January 25th, 2010, we will be at a completely different URL (internet address), we will have a different name (sort of) and we will have a different look, so don’t be shocked or confused…it will look different, but for the better!

When we do come back online, we are aiming for greater unemployment heights! We will have blogs, video, resources, prizes, contests, job opportunities, audio, smell-o-vision (patent pending) and more virtual interactions that you will be able to stand! You WILL love it!

However, yes, we are hoping to bring the blog to another level, so your input would be appreciated. If you have any requests, comments, critiques, design input or stories, OR interest in being a correspondent, email us at:

But in all seriousness and sexiness, we are aiming for change, so we want you to come along with us! Because when we strike employment/blog gold, you can say: I WAS THERE. I.WAS.THERE…..

But I digress. Here are the steps you can take to keep in the know about what is going to happen with Obsolete:

1.)  Befriend us on Facebook: Both Tiffany & I are on Facebook. If you are already friends with us, we will invite you to a group. The group wall will have any and all changes that come up, what the new URL will be, and also new contact information once that changes as well.


2.)  Follow us on Twitter: Yes, we are on Twitter, my dear friends, so follow us! We can be followed @theunemploychro…so this is a good way to know what we will be changing as well. Once we do change everything, we will notify people via Twitter so follow us if you want an update on our goings on in 140 words or less.

Email! Us! Please!

3.)  Not interested in Facebook? Send us a note!: Between now, and January 23rd, email us at And say anything. Talk about how sexy you are. Talk about how broke you are. Talk about how you want to know what happens to us. We don’t give a damn. If you email us (saying anything) then in turn we can email you once all our information changes, and we are ready to relaunch, (we won’t send you spam, and we won’t send you an email everyday, probably no more than 2 or 3, between now and the relaunch, and we won’t sell your email address…hmm I wouldn’t even know who to sell it to…but if I do find out…*evil cackle*! Just kidding!) Anyway, yeah, the email way is the way to go if you are not interested in the Facebook route or tweeting.

Therefore, you have three choices, the fluorescent beige pill, the opaque maroon pill, or the slightly off sea green…which will you choose!?!? Choose wisely!

Anyway, until this Wed, keep an eye on this post for any possible changes and additional posts we put up…muhahahah!!!

Obsolete When All Are Employed

Maintain Your Sexy Part Deux: How to Start the New Year off RIGHT & What NOT to Wear

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HO HO HO!!!!!

Yes it is the Holidays, so if you have a job, Santa came early, if not…well…kick up your heels until the new fresh year!

Have you thought about your Old Year’s goals? If you completed those, then it is time to move on to what needs to be done for next year.

Here are some tips courtesy of HOC on preparing for your 2010 Job Search:

  • Update your resume: look over it, and make sure everything is on point, also get someone else to look at it if you can. If you hope to apply for a position, unless the position has a specific date before the New Year, wait to submit it. This may seem counterintuitive, but a lot of offices are in holiday mode, so if you submit it now, no one may even pay it any attention…


  • Keep your profile current: as in social profile. Make sure everything is up to date, and accurate, as well as decent. A lot of employers are looking at your facebook or linked in…so don’t give them any excuse to sack you before you even start


  • Put your best digital foot forward: Google yourself. What do you find? If you find anything that can be incriminating, and you can control it being up there, fix it! Employers Google people to see what they can find, and sometimes it aint pretty…


  • Make new friends: When you go to these Christmas parties and maybe even New Year parties, mingle, and network, you never know who will be worth contacting after the glitter settles.


  • Prepare your references: call up people you know both professional and otherwise and ask them if you can still depend on them as a reference. Aim to do it next Monday if you can, but if not, aim for Jan. 2, or 3rd by the latest.


Also a Bonus:

Can you see me? Can you see me NOW?

What NOT to wear to a Job interview: (also courtesy of HOC)

Some of these shocked me, but good to keep in mind:

  • Sunglasses on your head, or headphones on your neck, your interviewer should never see either
  • no backpacks, or fannypacks, briefcases and portfolios will do
  • too-short skirts
  • the wrong tie (what does that mean?)
  • overly bright or large patterned clothing
  • heavy makeup (on anyone)
  • Earrings on men
  • More than one set of earrings on women
  • facial piercing, tongue jewelry or visible tattoos
  • ill-fitting clothes
  • long fingernails, especially with bright or specialty polishes
  • unnatural hair colors and styles
  • short-sleeved shirts
  • fishnets, patterned hosiery or bare legs
  • men whose socks don’t match their shoes
  • rumpled or stained clothing
  • scuffed or inappropriate footwear
  • strong aftershaves, perfumes of colognes
  • belts and shoes that don’t match
  • Telltale signs that you are wearing a new suit

the bold ones I found shocking…anything missing? Feel free to comment, and let us know what else should NOT be worn on an interview…

Step Right Up For Your Hot Links!

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Go Tiger, go!

Speaking of Unemployment…you just might see Mr. Woods in the unemployment line right behind you! (Click here)

The whole world is watching the climate talks in Denmark, which if they aint careful can go down in

(Click here)

79% Interest rate? Oh my God! This Credit Card looks so familiar…NOOOOOOO!!!! (Click here)

Small Buisiness set to get some aid…yay! (Click here)

Cities where the rich get richer, and even some of the in between and poor too! (Click here)

GM is sacking Saab…does that mean I should go out and buy one??!?!?! (Click here)

MSNBC’s week in pictures (Click here)

And an extra treat: Oh snap, the drama The Great Recession is going to get worse? (Click here)

Have an amazing weekend, and check back next Monday…Obsolete When All Are Employed

Unemployment Bill Of Rights: Amendment 2 (because broke people deserve freedoms too)

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James Madison does it right!

Because Broke People Deserve Freedoms too! 

2.  The Right to keep and bear Personality (or attitude).

If anyone uses Ageism against a hip young person just trying to make it in the world or if any person tries to deny me a job because they think I’m too old to learn new things, I will tell them about themselves. If it is the former, I will point out that though I may have fewer crow’s feet and need not demand respect with a surname to feel like a bigger person (first name is fine by me), I am not to be taken lightly nor will I receive condescending treatment lying down (got that from Elin, tiger’s wife). If it is the latter, I will tell them to take a psychology class to learn about the brain and the fact that although my action potentials and neuro synapses may not fire up like they did when I was a drooling baby, I am still a capable individual. 

Also, I will not become an office drone!

A well-respected workforce, being necessary to the security of a FREE State and wellbeing of all, the right of the people to keep and bear personality (or attitude), shall not be infringed.

*****All written material on this blog is copyrighted and owned by the individuals who created this blog.  In no manner should the material written be used in any fashion whatsoever without the consent of the writers.  You will be sued.

DON’T BELIEVE THE SMILES ON FACEBOOK: The grass is not that greener on the other side

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Does this look fake? Oh who cares, I'm a cat

Everyone always thinks that the other guy’s life is so much better. He has a lexus; she has a dog; he has a girlfriend; she has a sugar daddy; he has a corporate job and makes dough; she has blond hair.

Since recapping with some former colleagues, I have found that though I may need to mow my own lawn, the grass only seems greener on the other side.

One of my friends sounded like he was living the HOLLYWOOD dream: graduated top class; secured an apartment and car in LA; then three months after graduation a job with a production company; still with his longtime girlfriend; just had some close friends visit.

The reality: He was a secretary doing nothing creative and always getting yelled at for mistakes, he worked long 9-12 hour days, he was getting paid diddly squat after taxes, and the company wasn’t even making movies.


Another friend was prepping to be a lawyer or a professor:  just took his LSATs; applying for joint programs; happily married, enviable because he had options and yummy home-cooked food every day.

The reality: He doesn’t even really want to be a lawyer or poli sci major, doesn’t really know what else to do because that is the only thing he is good at even though he thinks it’s sort of BS.  His main phrase: Life is suffering. 


Another friend got a full ride to engineering school for a PHD. He also got at least a 15,000 dollar yearly stipend to just be a student and do some assisting. Had mojo. 

Reality: he can’t wait to go back to his undergraduate block party because those were the days of fun and friendship. Plus, the girl he liked in grad school had a roommate that came on to him, which resulted in them both yelling at him. PLUS, he has not made any real friends.  Plus, it’s so bad he might just get his masters and leave. 


Another friend got her dream job as an event planner in NY with an art company. Problem? They might not sponsor her to stay in the US because she is international. 

So all in all, don’t feel bad when things aren’t going your way. It’s not all smiles.  But please don’t think that this means be OK with your life right now.  Continue gardening your lawn and make it the best you can be.   Life is short.  Just don’t let anyone with a fancy suit faze you.  If they are anything like my coworker, his wife is probably sleeping on the floor with the kids.

POST GRAD (trailer) RATING: NEGATIVE INFINITY! So bad it doesn’t even deserve a real number ….

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Rating: negative infinity

I’ve been wanting to blow up this spot for a while now. Just haven’t had a chance to watch the movie. So, I’m going to rate the trailer. Out of 10.  10 being the best.

Now, when this first came out Ebbs and I, whilst planning the blog, wanted to watch it so we could write a review of a movie that is relevant to all of us Unemployed. To say the least, we were so appalled, we didn’t even want to watch it.

Firstly, although Alexis Bledel was popular on Gilmore Girls, the ranks of the unemployed need someone who we can relate to and, therefore, respect. That means someone who CAN ACT.

Like America Farerra or Shrek.

I don’t have a job so I sit on my ass all day!

Even the typical underdog Spider man would do.

– 2

Secondly, the movie features all white people. We live in America. Where are the minorities? Didn’t they hear about the complaints Sex and the City had?  (In the series, the protagonists lived in NY, the most diverse city ever , and it only featured white people.  In the movie, they had one the black girl who was an assistant.  Even more shocking, they had a part where she who was soooo grateful for getting a nice bag from a white person — typical stereotype and symbol of America’s history of oppression)

And if not, don’t they read the news?   Minorities are getting it the worst. This brought my rating to a BIG FAT zero.


Thirdly, the fact that it featured unemployed people who find LOVE brought my arbitrary rating down to a negative. I’m not down on love, I’m just into reality. And the reality is that you shouldn’t be broke and sitting around and waiting for someone to save you from yourself.


Fourthly, who is this movie targeting?  DUH, the unemployed.

Then it follows: can the unemployed afford to watch a 10-12 dollar movie in the theaters?  Probably not.  Negative, negative.

And you wouldn’t go on a date to watch this right?

Dude:      “Hey baby, let’s be voyeuristic and watch the struggles of everyone around us …. (including me, but you don’t know about that, which is why I didn’t buy you dinner)

My big bad voyeuristic self:             How romantic.

This double negative doesn’t equal a positive. Actually, it’s SO BAD it’s more an infinity negative (As in not even credible enough to be a real number).


When I scrape up enough cash that I don’t mind spending on “discretionaries” then I’ll rate the movie. Or just save it and put in the bank.

Call me a hater but our friend Wikipedia agrees:

The film received generally negative-to-mixed reviews by film critics and moviegoers alike. It stands with a “rotten” 9% approval rating by 79 critics at Rotten Tomatoes (8% of the site’s 25 top critics). By comparison, it has a finer score of 37 at Metacritic, based on 25 reviews, which yet still indicates “generally unfavorable reviews”.

The Unemployed Bill of Rights (because broke people deserve freedoms too)

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Our main man James Madison has inspired us to create our own Unemployed Bill of Rights, because broke people deserve freedoms too! This is the first of 10, look out for the rest in the upcoming posts…

James Madison goes hard

  1. Freedom to be unemployed, and freedom from the shame of being unemployed

If one more person asks me what my future goals are, or implies that I am not doing enough with my life…there are no words that can describe what my initial reaction will be…when that day comes and that special someone would be stupid enough to step to me in that way, it will be drama. I just need to have the right to be unemployed, and be respected as a human being. I should not have to explain myself. I should not have to list my goals in graphic detail. I should not have to apologize to anyone, and I should have no shame in my status as an unemployed American. The first step in dealing with unemployment is coming to terms with being without a job, so one could get off one’s haunches and find one!

No person, in time of peace, war, or anything in between, shall bear uninvited judgment on another persons status of employment or unemployment. If you don’t like the fact I don’t have job, get me one!

*****All written material on this blog is copyrighted and owned by the individuals who created this blog.  In no manner should the material written be used in any fashion whatsoever without the consent of the writers.  You will be sued.

What Is Really Going On?

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It's about that time....

-submitted by Ebony J.

What is really going on? I keep asking myself this very question….

Aunt Bet’s throws the cordless phone down with disgust. “You, know this is the tenth time I called these people and the line is busy?” She says with frustration.

I am lying there taking it all in. I have been watching my Aunt call the unemployment office endlessly, all day, and to no avail. No response, nothing but “sorry, this line is busy” or an obnoxious busy signal, over, and over, and over again. Mind you, for those who are not aware, the unemployment office is not one office that everybody and their mom call. Nope, they are all over the place, and extremely specific, assigned to certain counties and regions. Despite this, my Aunt still could not seem to get anyone to answer the phone. And this has been her fourth daylong attempt.

What is really going on? If you can’t even get someone to answer the phone at the unemployment office, what kind of traffic are they dealing with? I mean damn, if one can’t even get through to the unemployment office, what kind of hope is that supposed to give you? That’s just depressing, on so many levels.

You see, I’m not employed, but technically, I believe, I might not even be considered unemployed…I am, but not like my aunt is…she worked at the same company for too many years to count (16 to be precise), and then became a statistic in the drama known as “The Great Recession” a triple feature, which seems to take itself too seriously, and refuses to end.

I don’t want to be negative, but we are at a time in our history where the positive aspects of life are overtaken and overshadowed by the downright outrageous, ridiculous, and unreal. Wars, famine, child soldiers, genocide, slavery/trafficking, gendercide, drugs, disease, CEO’s, corruption, guns, steel, neo-imperialism, ignorance, intolerance, UNEMPLOYMENT, idleness, wickedness, and please add to this if something didn’t make the list!

Why the rant? I don’t know, I have been pretty quiet about my own journey, and struggles with unemployment. Technically, I have been searching, and applying to jobs since last year of November, which has been riddled with experiences of botched interviews, annoying job search engines, numerous hairstyles, faded suits, more resume templates I care to count and too much more. Its more than one person can stand! Hell, more than one nation can stand.

For reasons, I have yet to understand, I don’t want everything about myself revealed on the blog, but I want to share more than I need to. I would like three things to be known about me:

1.)  I have been looking for a job for little over a year, and still on the prowl

2.)  I have been quite negative lately, for numerous reasons

3.)  I just turned 22. Yay for me.

I need to find a way to exorcise these daemons (except the 22 bit), a path of catharsis, which can guide me to a more positive outlook on life. Nothing lasts forever, and being in a grimy mood can only last for so long. You know how people make New Years Resolutions. Forget that nonsense, most people mess up by Jan 2nd; I feel a need to declare Old Years Goals. These are the three goals I need to accomplish before the end of the year

1.)  Erase Negative thoughts, outlooks and ideologies from my vocabulary

2.)  Apply for at least 10 more positions. Okay, lets be specific, 15. Yeah, that feels like a good number…doesn’t that feel like a good number? Yeah…15

3.)  Find an activity to do in my spare time…maybe stamp collecting, or bowling, or maybe applying to more jobs. Nah scratch that, hmm….maybe

We should all make goals, and create outlets for our energy. Any thoughts? We would love to know what your possible Old Year’s goals will be…and remember, you don’t have much time, so hurry up!

Flashback/Repost/Recap/Whatever You Like

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Here is the first report from our South Africa Correspondent, Tatenda. It was posted a couple of weeks ago, but I felt a need to repost it, to help keep him in mind because he has more good stuff coming our way real soon…If you are interested in sharing what is going on in your part of the world, please hit us up at….or if you would like to be correspondent, also hit us up as well!!

Presidente Jacob Zuma, not our correspondent Tate, courtesy MSNBC

Every other day I wake up, wash my face and quicky go down stairs to get my morning newspaper only to be greeted by shocking headlines such as: “27 million South Africans underemployed”. After reading this article I realized how extreme the situation has become lately with more than 18 million being unemployed and the rest earning below the stipulated minimum wage. Most people are now directly affected by this chronic situation, even the employed live in constant fear of loseing their jobs because of too much competition in the job market and this has fuelled nepotism. Its no longer about how qualified you are its now about who you know.
It was disturbing to see soldiers demonstrating to address their unrests against the government due to undermployment. The government is feeling the strain of the recession so they have drastically cut down on income raises of all civil servants, and soldiers were the worst affected given the fact that their salaries fall way below the stipulated minimum wage. The truth is that the government has failed to take care of thoes who have been loyal to its departments. Due to skyrocketing tax deficits, the situation of increasing wages to all civil servant remains a dream. It has led to a sad situation of mass resignation from a lot of government professionals like nurses and doctors who head for Europe, Australia and and the United States, and this has left a huge void in most departments….

Tatenda G.

South Africa correspondent.


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In heaven you grow flowers out of your butt. On earth .. well ... maybe our Art History expert Ebony can give us some suggestions. Make our world beautiful Ebbs ... we need it!

Thus, today marks the beginning of the end of my undergraduate career.

Today a dear friend of mine sent that dramatic text to me, emitting both foreboding, doom and all that hellish stuff that comes along with uncertainty. 

I’d like to share one of my favorite quotes to the end the long week of suffering to all those who are feverishly trying to find a job, hating your friends and family for getting on your case, or wanting to die at work.   You are not alone. 

What is a BEING of COURAGE: other than one who is willing to simultaneously, EMBODY what has come before him then allow it to MOLD his behavior to DO things he has never DONE; ADAPT what has come before him to BECOME what he has never SEEN himself BECOME, or CHALLENGE any threat that has been place before him to FIGHT for what he LOVES not by TECHNIQUE or POWER alone, but guided by FAITH – “Antuane Maurice Rogers”

The quote is from my wonderful friend Antuane who wants to be an actor.  His dream is big but so is his heart and mind.  

I have no doubt he will do well.  And so will all of you because at the end of the day, we know our capabilities, can change accordingly to challenges and will ultimately become more than what we are today.

Ok, now to cut the Dr. Phil out, get off your butts and celebrate! IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsolete When All Are Employed

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Blowing out the Ageism Candle … and eating some Thanks …

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Who do I want to make fat and juicy today?

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Ebony who has just turned the big 22 and my mom who just turned … well … yeah! I think that this is the perfect time to talk about Age, life, work and Ageism.

What I’ve learned in life is that it’s not like getting one year older automatically protects you from Ageism unless you are about to die. You’re always going to have to prove yourself.  

Well, there are some stipulations on the last half of the sentence.

1) Dying doesn’t mean you gain respect automatically, but most people would just give it to you to clean their conscience.

2) Getting older doesn’t grant you respect automatically unless you are so ancient, you reek of wisdom and days long past; respect is earned but most people forget that. Just don’t confuse respect with civility. Respect and Civility are not mutually exclusive but everyone should be civil, even if you don’t necessarily respect the person.

3) Who cares! The world is too big to worry about the random guy that is probably going to eat it later for his bad attitude … no one is going to his funeral ….

So what’s so grand about the day one is born? Well, life would be different for everyone else.

I just saw the musical, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it is about this guy called George Bailey who always wanted to leave his small town and see the world. But every time he tries to leave, something gets in the way of his plans (Finances, taking care of his dad’s Loan company, helping his brother go to colleges, etc. ). Meanwhile, the whole town is owned by this evil guy called Potter, who is jealous of Bailey and wants to take over his company. Bailey has done much for the town, and his generosity has made Potter look bad. At the end, Potter tries to sabotage Bailey by stealing his money and causing Bailey to consider suicide. An angel comes down and says “Don’t Die!” and Bailey says, “I wish I was never born” and the angel grants him his wish. The Angel ends up taking Bailey around town to see what would happen to the town if he was never born. Bailey is shocked that his beautiful town has turned into a slum. Then he realized that life is wonderful because if he really did make an impact in the world.

So, let’s all thank Ebs and my mom and give them a nice big HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for helping to make this blog “Obsolete When All Are Employed” possible!  Without their love and support and ideas and work, we wouldn’t be able to give you a daily dose of reality. 

We hope that all you readers are getting something from it. If not, then tell us your suggestions and , we can either give you:

For the Haters

Or an article that suits your interests. 

Remember to be kind to your loved ones even if it isn’t their birthdays and to be civil to the rest of the people.  Enjoy your work or job search or whatever you are doing in life the best you can.  Who knows who’s life you are touching every day. 



Obsolete When All Are Employed


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WHAT TO DO? WHERE TO GO? HOW? WHY? I'm confused ....

“Your overriding quest must include developing a reputation for excellence which serves as a form of currency in the world marketplace.”

 Wow.  That means that everything you do matters.  And you better make up your mind on what MATTERS now and avoid wasting time.   Talk about pressure. 

 After telling my coworker that I am slightly confused as to what God wants me to do with my life, he gave me a life chart with quotes and outlines. “If you don’t write it all down, you won’t achieve it.  Make your goals visual.” 

Included on the chart was: The Ten Goal Setting Areas of Your Life

1)      Personal –

2)      Health

3)      Recreation

4)      Family

5)      Friendships

6)      Community

7)      Career

8)      Financial

9)      Household

10)   Spiritual

It specified that you should write your present goals, goal in 3-5 years, and life time goals.   Honestly, this is a lot of stuff to figure out and time manage in a 24 hour day, 5-8 of which you spend sleeping and at least 2 of which you spend commuting. 

What has always perplexed me is the constant state of change in life.  Even if you plan and plan and plan, your plans will change.  So what’s the point of trying to control everything?  You might meet someone who will change your life, or you might find a new interest that you never thought would happen and then what? 

Having had multiple crises – the one-eight life crisis, the quarter life crisis, and all that fun high-cortisol- inbetween crises.    And it was because there was no stable plan … or that my plans continued to change because of new opportunities.  In America, you grow up with the sense that anything is possible.  So, planning almost seems limiting unless you were born to know what you want, which not all of us are.  Having discussed this topic with a friend the other day, he truly believed that anything is possible.  I mean, people get famous off of youtube by doing makeup or making a fool of themselves.  Anything is possible.   And at least they are getting famous for what they love to do. 

So, while pondering the above, which is better:  to plan things or let life happen?   Obsolete When All Are Employed welcome your comments!

Will There Be Jobs For The Class Of 2010? –

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Will There Be Jobs For The Class Of 2010? –

Class of 2010

Hmm…this is a very good question. There are still many students from 2009 who are looking for work, so 2010 will have to compete with not only them, but the many other people seeking jobs…

Read Full Article Here: Will There Be Jobs For The Class Of 2010? –

Class of ’09: They got jobs! – Zack Kwarta – Employed and in school (4) –

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Read Full Article Here: Class of ’09: They got jobs! – Zack Kwarta – Employed and in school (4) –

CNN formed a Class of ’09, which they followed these students to see how their job search has been…and at the time it was dismal…but they know all seem to be keeping themselves busy one way or the other.

They are all kinds of students, from many different backgrounds, but they all had the same issues with finding a job…

Read Full Article Here: Class of ’09: They got jobs! – Zack Kwarta – Employed and in school (4) –

El Centro holds position for highest jobless rate – Dec. 2, 2009

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Read Full Article Here: El Centro holds position for highest jobless rate – Dec. 2, 2009.

Southern California agriculture area continues to suffer higher metropolitan area rate. More urban areas face severe unemployment.


How stimulus will help your state

The Obama administration says the Recovery Act created or saved 640,000 jobs through September. Here’s a state-by-state breakdown.

“NEW YORK ( — El Centro, Calif., held its position of having the highest unemployment rate among the nation’s metropolitan areas, with the jobless rate at 30%, according to government figures released Wednesday.

While the figure fell from a revised 32.2% in September, it climbed from 26.8% a year ago and it is staggering even against the nation’s 10.2% unemployment rate, which is at a 26-year high.

But the jobless picture has always been inferior in southern California’s Imperial Valley.

“Our area typically has a high unemployment rate around 17%, so the hike is modeled after what the rest of the country has experienced,” said Cathy Kennerson, chief executive of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce. In 2006, El Centro’s unemployment rate ranged between 12.2% and 18.4%….”

Read Full Article Here: El Centro holds position for highest jobless rate – Dec. 2, 2009.

Wake Up: In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –

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New York Times Photo

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –

According to New York Times:

But there is ample evidence that racial inequities remain when it comes to employment. Black joblessness has long far outstripped that of whites. And strikingly, the disparity for the first 10 months of this year, as the recession has dragged on, has been even more pronounced for those with college degrees, compared with those without. Education, it seems, does not level the playing field — in fact, it appears to have made it more uneven.

College-educated black men, especially, have struggled relative to their white counterparts in this downturn, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate for black male college graduates 25 and older in 2009 has been nearly twice that of white male college graduates — 8.4 percent compared with 4.4 percent.

Various academic studies have confirmed that black job seekers have a harder time than whites. A study published several years ago in The American Economic Review titled “Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal?” found that applicants with black-sounding names received 50 percent fewer callbacks than those with white-sounding names.

…This post is my life at the moment…in some respects. I have been searching for a job for a little bit more than a year now, and some would say that one year is about how long it takes, while others would say I should have a job by now…

Either way, it has crossed my mind…that maybe…I have not been getting anyone to bite my hook because of my name. Since my name is Ebony, I have been wondering if my name conjures up ridiculous sterotypes and archetypes in the minds of recruiters who have crossed paths with my resume. I may never know why I have had such a hard time finding empolyment, but when one struggles, one comes up with all kinds of reasons for the struggle, whether they are true or not…

I’m not crying racism, I’m not crying prejudice, but I am crying ignorance…if I happen to be rightwhich there is no way to tell

Thus the root of my frustration! Is the dreaded name resume game from the nineties still in full force? I’m referring to the study that took place in the mid-nineties that found evidence that people with “ethnic” name’s resumes were most likely to end up in the garbage, as opposed to the”Yes” pile. Is one’s name, cultural background, even race a issue when applying to a job? Can’t we all just get along and find employment? Obsolete welcomes all comments…

Read the full article here: In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –

Email Of The Day: Be Happy at Your Current Job to Get a New Job

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The Insider’s Guide to Efficient Career Advancement

Be Happy at Your Current Job to Get a New Job

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Are you in a position where you hate your current job and all you ever do is complain about it? Does your attitude affect the way you dress and the way you perform your work? If this is you, get ready to make a change. If you want to get a new job, you are going to have to change your attitude about your existing job.

Start by being happy with what you do. Create a challenge for yourself to make your current job something you can be happy about. Change the way you dress. Change the way you work. Overall, change your attitude so your new attitude will reflect in your job search and in the interview process. You can always consider the alternative; you could be doing some type of manual labor or you could be laid off.

Once you begin your quest for happiness in your current situation and are successful in challenging yourself to change your attitude, start searching for that new job. If you have already been looking, renew your search with revived excitement and passion. Start behaving as if you are thoroughly happy with what you do and where you are and things will start to change.

Take the time to fill out applications thoroughly, explaining your duties as if they are the best thing in the world. Write comprehensive and engaging cover letters comparing what you do now with how well you will perform for a prospective employer. Finally, tailor your resume to fit the job you are applying for and make it appear that you enjoy what you are doing. Your positive outlook will reflect in all you do.

If you take the time to change your attitude to positive, things will change for the better. Begin by being positive at home, with your friends, with potential networking connections and during interviews for new positions. If you portray excitement and passion for everything you do, people will start calling you for interviews, you will make more friends and more contacts and people will want you to work for them. You may also reap the benefits at home with your spouse or significant other. Change your attitude enough so that people you know will start to notice and make comments.

Once you start living a more positive life, expressing happiness in all things you do, you are ready to get that new job. People will begin to notice that you enjoy working and they will be impressed with your attitude and consider you a good risk as a new employee. Having a good attitude and doing a good job will also make it easier for your coworkers and friends to give you a good reference. Finally, when you reinvigorate your work ethic, you will be rewarded at your current job with satisfaction and fellowship of your coworkers and you will also be rewarded with a new job in which your happiness and positive attitude can grow.

Your overall goal in changing your attitude should be to be happy in life and enjoy what you are doing no matter what it is. You can only hope that you will be able to deal with situations differently and people will see you in a different light. A wonderful by-product of this overall change in attitude is that people will respect you more for doing your best and achieving happiness in any situation. People will also be much more likely to want you on their team in the hopes that some of your happiness and positive attitude will rub off on them and make their life better. So, start today and change your attitude. It could change your life.

Once you have the right attitude and you’re ready to begin your job search in earnest, we recommend getting your resume posted on all the important job sites as a first step. The ResumeDirector service can do this for you. Using ResumeDirector lets you get your resume posted on over 90 job sites at once, including Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, etc. To find out more, visit:

To find out about ResumeArrow, a service that can get your resume sent instantly to thousands of recruiters specializing in your industry and geographical location, visit this web address:



Searching for Whitopia: America’s Whitest Communities – Video –

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Searching for Whitopia: America’s Whitest Communities – Video –

The man on the right is on a mission

Hey Gang,

I stumbled upon this interesting article, about “whitopia’s” places in the country that are majority white. The author of the book, Searching for Whitopia, Rich Benjamin tries to tackle issues of race, social engineering, and democracy. I am going to keep my thoughts to myself on this until tomorrow. What are your thoughts? Do you think this book is necessary? Insulting? We welcome any and all comments….

Click on the link above to view video…

It’s A New Day: Let’s Talk About Gender Baby!

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Hey peeps,

Obsolete here, with more insight, foresight, and hindsight for your unemployed (or employed) pleasure. Tiffany and I have been having heated discussions about the difference between men and women in the work place…

And from what I have been hearing from her…her experience has been interesting…and that’s me attempting to be kind. However, I can only fairly speak about my opinions though…

We decided to write a joint discussion on this everlasting topic…here it goes!

Differences Part I

Ah, aint they cute!

I saw Chaz Bono (Cher’s, the singer, only child) on TV the other day, and he made a comment that I thought was intriguing: “gender exists only between the ears, and not the legs.” This was not the first time I have heard this comment, but it struck me this time around. As complex as *gender is, this comment attempts to break it down: we are socialized into specific gender roles and behavior, but what we are physically, may not always match up with how we are mentally and emotionally, and more importantly how we identify ourselves.

Tiffany mentioned to me that she works with people who are of one *sex, but they act like the opposite sex, in their demeanor, ways of critical thinking, and overall philosophy. I have to be honest, I have had the privilege of not having to worry about these things too much, because I fit into the mainstream mode of gender roles and behavior for the most part (but there are some things I “rebel” against) so examining how I act as a woman in the workplace, and how others act around me, has been enlightening in some ways. Noticing the roles of men and women in the workplace is an interesting, and sometimes taxing exercise.

For example:

Anonymous testimony:

I recently had a temp job (clears thought), um yeah…a “temp” job where I worked in a small office. This was unfortunate, because in small environments, lines tend to get blurred…and people end up doing things that is no way near their job description.

There was one lady who basically was the workhorse of the office. She was manually cleaning desks, wiping down things like random objects and even (gasp!) moving heavy boxes. It was obscene. Not only was she a women (take note of this) but she was also an older woman. The men in the office just sat around while she did all the work. Of course, there was controversy, when I refused to go along with this misogyny.

Oh, so much to deal with in this testimony!

Hmm…This testimony is interesting for several reasons. The witness mentioned that because of the small office, lines were blurred…but what she probably meant was that gender lines/roles were blurred as well…and there was some gender hierarchy going on besides the job hierarchy, (which is confusing and debilitating enough). I think it is noteworthy that the witness also assumed that manual labor of picking up boxes should be left for the men, but she also was appalled at the fact the older woman was doing things that were technically within her gender role (cleaning, organizing) but since it was not apart of the older woman’s job description, the witness was nonetheless, mortified. I must add though, if someone male or female thought they could lift a heavy box in an office, they should do so. However, for able-bodied people to sit around, while one person struggles to do the work: that’s just cruel AND unusual, gender issues aside. This is an extreme case, how does one deal with these gender roles and differences in the work place?

I think this is another good place to talk about Chaz Bono. By the way, for those of you who do not know, Bono is a transitioning, transgender male…and its good thing to note because, Bono decided to match up what was going on in his head, to what is going on with his body, so everything can be in sync, for him. Despite scrutiny, and people judging him, he decided to defy gender roles, and even sex, in order to have his own sense of comfort.

My point is: DO YOUR OWN THING. If you are in a workplace situation, and you are put in a position of conforming to a gender role or behavior that makes you uncomfortable, walk away! Don’t just lay down and obey! But at the same time, don’t just up and quit your job (that would make us, here at Obsolete sad), but make sure to stand your ground diplomatically and explain yourself thoroughly. The witness who submitted the story above did mention to me that she left the job, which was her decision, but it doesn’t always have to be that extreme. If there is a subjective third party, you can talk to, do it! Make sure your voice is heard! In addition, don’t pick up a heavy box if you don’t want to, or simply can’t! Jeez…

I think I was supposed to talk about the difference between men and women in the workplace…but I went somewhere else, and took it a different topic, level, stratosphere, whatever. I just want people to know, your level of comfort, and sanity comes first! I thought Bono was a good example because despite being told since the day he was born, he was one thing, he decided “nope, Im not” and opted for change…if he can do that intense transition, you can at least stick to your beliefs as a person in the workplace, and defy the so called difference between men and women.

No matter what, if you are not comfortable with a job, and the way people perceive you, unless your Dr. Super Focus, it will mess with your productivity, so the best way to be productive is to be both comfortable and sane. This topic could be written about for decades, so I’m not even going to attempt to scratch the surface of this issue. I was supposed to talk about gender roles…and their differences, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but it’s half my blog, and Ill blog what I want to!

Moral of the story: The difference between men and women in the workplace is all socialized into their minds, and they choose as individuals whether they want to conform to it…or not. What do you choose? Are you comfortable with your choice?

That’s what’s up, and I’ sticking to it:


*I have the general understanding that gender, and sex are two vastly different things, but I am too lazy to look up the through definition, and or to pick one and keep it consistent…so if you are interested in learning the difference…do some research! But for the sake of this blog post, I will use them interchangeably…sorry, I never took a sociology/gender studies class, and its too late **now!


**No, its not too to late to take a sociology class, its never too late. Once again, a testament to my laziness. Forgive me!

More Weird JOBS…. dealing with chickens, ostriches and, our favorite, humans ….

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11. Light Bender

Making neon lights seems like it would be a relatively easy job, but it requires a lot of precision and electrical work. Apparently if the lights don’t have the proper thickness and shaping, they will amount to nothing more than broken glass. This job has to be quite lucrative in a town like Las Vegas.

12. Odd Job Journalist

the authorThis writer gets actually paid money to write articles about other weird and odd jobs that exist. Maybe someday he’ll find a real job of his own. Hey, wait a minute…

13. Professional Whistler

Believe it or not this man whistles tunes and does it for a living. Allegedly this gentleman is well versed in several different genres of music.

14. Fountain Pen Repairer

Honestly, I think most of us would have to be fairly wealthy and care a hell of a lot about our fountain pens to have them repaired rather than go buy another pen.

15. Snake Milker

snakeIf you ever get bitten by a poisonous snake you’ll be grateful these people know how to work with animals. They are responsible for getting the venom out of snakes to make the anti-venom. Be honest, which one of you thought that snakes had actual milk glands?

16. Wrinkle Chasers

Nobody likes that crease that shoes get after about a month right below the toe line. Well wrinkle chasers make sure those leather crow’s feet never appear on those shiny new shoes before they leave the factory. Now can we please find someone to invent something that keeps it that way?

17. Rodeo Clowns

I know that I’ve always been fascinated with those Spaniards in Pamplona who risk their lives in the running of the bulls, but rodeo clowns do it for a living. You have to give them some respect though. Their theatrics not only takes guts, but you have to be fairly secure in your masculinity to do this covered in makeup.

18. Cow Hoof Trimmer

Just like horseshoes, cows need some hoof maintenance too. These fine animals can have poor milk production, lameness, and decreased fertility if not properly groomed. Try to imagine giving a cow a pedicure.

19. Chicken Sexer

Going through baby chicks and separating them according to sex. I hear this job is pretty easy, if you just play bad 80’s music and set things up like a 5th grade dance, they separate themselves.

20. Ostrich Babysitter

ostrichApparently this guy gets to sit in a field full of ostrich and make sure that they didn’t peck each other to death or get stolen. Any job where you can sit down, read a book and do absolutely no work is always a plus, but I have heard that these birds’ behavior can get a little aggressive.


Ungreasing the wheels: Governments around the world are making life difficult for corrupt firms

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Illustration by Claudio Munoz for The Economist


The Economist speaks on corporate bribery the world over, and the attempts (feeble?) to combat it.

“IF EVER a clash was inevitable between one country’s commercial law and another’s business culture, it would be between America’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which seeks to punish firms that bribe government officials, and China, where many businesses are owned by the government and bribery is endemic. A recent spate of prosecutions under the act of firms operating in China and other notoriously crooked places has stoked fear in the heart of many executives. Nor is the crackdown limited to America. On November 18th the British government became the latest to promise tough new anti-corruption legislation, during the annual Queen’s Speech to Parliament.”


Click Here For The Full Story


Good Read — Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, LOUD, lazy, and Stupid

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In his prologue to his new book “Why We Suck,” Dr. Denis Leary says, “I want to thank everyone who ever told me to go fuck myself.”  Indeed, his direct approach to pointing out the hypocrites and ridiculous mannerism of Americans is a politically incorrect, as well as refreshing and outrageous read.  And what I love most is that he starts off warning everyone that they will be offended so at least he’s honest.

From pointing out the idiocy of the woman who sued McDonalds for not putting “Caution: Extreme Hot” on a cup of coffee, after ordering it from a Mexican immigrant who probably didn’t speak any English, to the reason why we are stupid because we like to blame everyone else for our self-caused issues, Dr. Leary wants to offer his professional advice on how to suck less.

According to MSNBC:

In his book “Why We Suck,” writer/comedian/actor Denis Leary rants about — well — pretty much everyone. Leary uses his wit and biting humor to comment on celebrities, those who are politically correct and the obese, for starters.

I think this would be an excellent gift to give to yourself, your boss, your coworkers, and your friends.  Why not help out humanity with a shot of sarcasm and an overdose of honesty? Happy Thanksgiving!

Obsolete When All Are Employed

Hot Links

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Photo from

Student’s in California are PISSED (CLICK HERE)

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