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PART I: MAINTAIN YOUR SEXY! With or without a job …

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They are sexy, no doubt about it ... and even during wartime and famine.

Yes, sometimes being alive can be a drag.  I mean with or without a job, sometimes you just lose the motivation to be the best you can possibly be. 

Here are some tips to maintain your sexy. 

1)      Deep condition for shiny healthy hair  — Mix egg yolk and milk together in a bowl and coat your dry, unwashed hair for 30 minutes.  It’s best to put a towel over it to trap in heat and keep you from dripping all over the place and incurring the wrath of your family.  Then rinse and shampoo and condition as usual.

 If you don’t have a lot of hair …  well…  try not to grow it on one side and sweep over.  Not sexy. 

 2)      Eat a fruit or two…. Not only does it help you go number 2 and feel lighter overall (yes, pun intended) but there are nutrients that can keep you from getting sick.  Wash the fruit in vinegar water to kill bacteria. 

3)      DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  In the office, you are basically trapped in an air-conditioned prison, which adds to dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, and dry attitude.   Water keeps your muscles flexible.  I think that’s why I have back pain right now…

 5)      Just hang.  Literally.  Bend over from your natural waist bend, NOT your back.  People always mistake the two and just hang around looking at your toes.  Let your head be heavy and sway a little side to side to stretch your back.  It promotes relaxation and flexibility.  

No excuses not to!   Just take a bathroom break and you can get the latter of No. 2 done (literally and list-wise) and do this in the stall.  Heck, one might promote the other!

4)       Walk tall but don’t point your nose up. Even if you are the bomb and everyone should know it, don’t need to prove yourself by pointing your nose up.  That just causes tension in your neck and your eyes to have to work harder.   And theater people will know you are posing. 

 I know this sounds ABCs but come on, if we just listened to our bodies, we wouldn’t be so stressed now would we?   And taking small steps to care for yourself will make you feel better.  AND IT’S CHEAP, IF NOT FREE! 

More tips to comebut let’s start with basics!   And I’ll try to include some videos so it’s easier to follow. 

Obsolete When All Are Employed



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Someone that I work with has a tendency to assign projects to me, then when I’m half in the process, come and take my work in an effort to help despite my “No, that’s fines,” then proceeds to “impress upon me the need for attention to detail” when he find a mistake.

WHAT THE HECK!  How can a person Double Check his or her work if you come and take it when they aren’t even done?

I knew this was going to happen.  Happened Again today!  Stuffing gift cards in envelopes and in the back of my mind planned to check every envelope to make sure there were cards.  Then the guy comes and tells me to wrap it in groups of tens and then proceeds to take a bag full of gift cards with him.  I said, “I can do it,” simultaneously thinking ,”I have to double check that” but somehow my brain froze and my mouth got slow and I couldn’t get it out fast enough. 

I think that is what office culture does to you.  Stops your blood flow and oxygen intake literally and figuratively so that you can’t even say what you want to say anymore for fear of improper tone of voice or all that PC nonsense. Could also be the air condition …

Advice for all you in the future who get jobs … keep your work close and your NOs stronger.

Obsolete When All Are Employed

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Blowing out the Ageism Candle … and eating some Thanks …

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Who do I want to make fat and juicy today?

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Ebony who has just turned the big 22 and my mom who just turned … well … yeah! I think that this is the perfect time to talk about Age, life, work and Ageism.

What I’ve learned in life is that it’s not like getting one year older automatically protects you from Ageism unless you are about to die. You’re always going to have to prove yourself.  

Well, there are some stipulations on the last half of the sentence.

1) Dying doesn’t mean you gain respect automatically, but most people would just give it to you to clean their conscience.

2) Getting older doesn’t grant you respect automatically unless you are so ancient, you reek of wisdom and days long past; respect is earned but most people forget that. Just don’t confuse respect with civility. Respect and Civility are not mutually exclusive but everyone should be civil, even if you don’t necessarily respect the person.

3) Who cares! The world is too big to worry about the random guy that is probably going to eat it later for his bad attitude … no one is going to his funeral ….

So what’s so grand about the day one is born? Well, life would be different for everyone else.

I just saw the musical, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it is about this guy called George Bailey who always wanted to leave his small town and see the world. But every time he tries to leave, something gets in the way of his plans (Finances, taking care of his dad’s Loan company, helping his brother go to colleges, etc. ). Meanwhile, the whole town is owned by this evil guy called Potter, who is jealous of Bailey and wants to take over his company. Bailey has done much for the town, and his generosity has made Potter look bad. At the end, Potter tries to sabotage Bailey by stealing his money and causing Bailey to consider suicide. An angel comes down and says “Don’t Die!” and Bailey says, “I wish I was never born” and the angel grants him his wish. The Angel ends up taking Bailey around town to see what would happen to the town if he was never born. Bailey is shocked that his beautiful town has turned into a slum. Then he realized that life is wonderful because if he really did make an impact in the world.

So, let’s all thank Ebs and my mom and give them a nice big HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for helping to make this blog “Obsolete When All Are Employed” possible!  Without their love and support and ideas and work, we wouldn’t be able to give you a daily dose of reality. 

We hope that all you readers are getting something from it. If not, then tell us your suggestions and , we can either give you:

For the Haters

Or an article that suits your interests. 

Remember to be kind to your loved ones even if it isn’t their birthdays and to be civil to the rest of the people.  Enjoy your work or job search or whatever you are doing in life the best you can.  Who knows who’s life you are touching every day. 



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In Orwell’s 1984, everyone popped Soma pills to stay happy.

In the 1960s Hippie Era, everyone lazed around at the beach and smoked grass for peace and love.

Then technology came, blurring the dimensions of time and space, as well as leaving the anxious to scream for more caffeine, so in 2002 some genius (or Stimulant Ogre depending on your stance) created the Monster energy drink to help all nighters stay up.

Today, Generation RX is taking (literally from their kids, friends, family) prescription medication to keep up with the fast-paced environment.

What happened to just taking a nap, getting a nice massage, jogging, punching your pillow, or shooting a virtual character and, in some cases, a real one to calm your nerves?

According to an MSNBC article, one out of 5 teenagers take Vicodin and OxyContin to get a buzz, while others choose aderol or other medication that allow them to focus.  Scarily, according to December’s Women’s Health magazine, even mothers are tapping into their kids’ prescriptions just to concentrate on their busy schedules and keep up with managing the house and work.

The Pill is on!  Everyone from overstressed mothers and women to prepubescent kids, and anxious military kids are popping the pill.  I had met some folks in college who took pills to concentrate, to sleep, to stop acne, to get high.  But I never wanted to take any medication …. dependency kills. I hardly take any when I’m legit sick. I guess I have the old school mentality of the body curing itself. 

 I brought this up because currently I’m working on a research paper and I just can’t concentrate! What to do?  Coffee has tanic acid in it and tea stains teeth if you drink it too much.   Ironically, despite the fact that there is much stimulation, with the tv on, youtube, and the latest gossip on Megan Fox and how every one hates her, I still feel like it is not enough! I can’t concentrate. But if I turned it all off … well … then I suppose I might just fall asleep on myself.

So what to do?  Theater tricks.  There are certain pressure points in the body that wake you up. 

1) If you press the point in between your thumb and forefinger and then shake out, you awaken your nervous system.  Get off your butt and do it standing or it defeats the purpose. 

2) Tai Chi – raise your hands above your head with “happy hands” and shake out, imagining dispersing negative energy out and positive white light coming in.  A little Star Trekky but work with me on this. 

3) Square Breathing – if you’re nervous or jittery, breathe in 3 counts, hold 3 counts, breathe out 3 counts and repeat.   Learned this from dance performers so it’s legit.   If you want to dosi do while you’re at it, go ahead! 

BUT, if you like taking pills and support it, tell us what you think?  I feel like I’m having a conversation with myself … and I can’t blame the drugs… not taking any!  🙂

Economy Continues to Weigh Down African-American Males « Hip-Hop Wired

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Is the Great Recession in some ways color coded??


That may be a stretch, but there seems to be racial groups and sub groups in US who are becoming victims as opposed to participants in the recession…

Economy Continues to Weigh Down African-American Males « Hip-Hop Wired.



But why is this happening? Are the reason obvious, or more complex? Thoughts?


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“Who wouldn’t want a career where life is one big party?” Woohoo! BUT, what people don’t realize is that it’s more organization than dancing around eating cake and saying “Isn’t this fun?”
Since we at Obsolete When All Are Employed seek to dispel any disillusionment between theory and reality, adding to the list of overrated jobs is: Event Planner.
As part of my job, I plan events, parties, and meetings – part glorified secretary, part leader and coordinator, and part liaison between those who really know what’s going on with those that don’t. Oh yeah, and part self-therapist to deal with the stress with the above.
Now, event planning in real life, and especially for a financial institution, is not like bringing a few kegs to a party and putting on some Lady Gaga music. Firstly, we hardly serve alcohol. Secondly, we need to be extremely organized. And thirdly, we need to be extremely organized and act as HOUND DOG to those who aren’t and can’t follow through with promises.
Below I highlight the key difference between college and real world:
-Kegs ( I don’t drink so fruit punch too)
-Good music
-Mass email notification (it doesn’t matter if people you invite actually come, as long as someone does and talks about it the next day)
-Dress sexy (when you turn off the light it doesn’t matter)
-Decorate (again, only if you plan on not turning the lights off)
-Food that won’t make people puke

Real World:
-Registration (table, list, alphabetizing, etc.)
-Name Tags for VIP LIST
-Leis (Hawaii people love this)
-A real menu (that means calling catering services and bargaining)
-Parking validation coverage (people drive in the real world)
-Letters, cards, and emails (they like feeling important)
-RSVPS (actually getting them back and ON TIME so you can make your list of attendees)
-Decorations (gotta order the balloons and flower design)
-Gifts (you might think it’s fun, but it’s not really for you so it’s about 40 percent fun. Also mostly mugs, duffel bags, and letter openers)
-Coordinating with catering, your boss, your coworkers, your volunteers (can be more talk than help)
-Sending volunteer notification
-Award certificates signed by the right people

… could keep naming about 30 plus more things to do but you get the picture.

And in the real world, there are more consequences if your event fails – just ask a Wedding Planner, they’ll tell you.

But the question for today is: Is it a personality thing? Can work actually be a party? If you have any advice or comments, I’m glad to hear it. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the Final List of attendees from a liaison. And dealing with a last minute broken promise from my coworker to follow up on parking validation. WOMP WOMP.

Obsolete When All Are Employed

Overrated Careers….Is There Such A Thing?

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In my opinion: yes.

I mean we are living in some of the most jaded of times…everything from fashion, to film, art and even recessions seems to be a spit out, microwave version of a previous experience from the past.

Nothing seems new anymore. So to go along with this unoriginal feeling that no one seems able to shake, even people’s careers, their livelihood, have been labeled as “not as great” as people may think…

And this argument has become even easier to make…with the icy recession breathing down people’s neck, and all kinds of people calling up the Unemployment Office–including the coveted docters and lawyers–apparently no one has been immune to job loss, and the more overrated position, the harder they have seemed to have fallen…

US News & World Report came up with a list, which is pretty accurate:

The Most Overrated Careers:

For the most part I do agree with this list (heck, I aspired to be one of these of the longest time), but my only issue is teacher being one of them. That’s just irresponsible, there are not enough teachers, and if everyone thought that being a teacher was not worth it, there would be even less…and what good would come from that?

What do YOU think? So much to consider: do you agree with this list? Are there others that were forgotten? Is there such a thing as an overrated career???


Building an Einstein, False Pretense, False Hopes: Where is the Accountability?

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Building an Einstein, False Pretense, False Hopes:   Where is the Accountability When a Woman Sues College for Unemployment and Disney Faces Lawsuit for Falsely Advertising Baby Products?

A year ago, lawyers threatened a class-action lawsuit against Disney’s Einstein series for deceiving parents into thinking that using their Baby Einstein products will make their babies smarter.  The result: Disney is offering refunds.

About three months ago, a woman sues her college for not helping her find a job once she graduated. The result: case is without merit.

While both Disney and colleges market their products as “educational,” Disney is now forced to refund its products for lack of  infantile intellectual results, while colleges are held unaccountable for unemployed alumni, who are often promised help from their college’s Career Development Offices.

Do not get me wrong; I am not necessarily supporting the woman’s case.  I am however, trying to make sense of accountability.  Who is responsible for the vague ambiguous idea of “education”?  Indeed, Ebony and I have met many a book-smart individual who lacked common sense.  So, what does it mean to be educated?  In what capacity does a person qualify as educated?  Better yet, what is an “educated” being supposed to look or act like?    Both Disney and college rely on the overall potential of their customers as their marketing gimmick.  Explicitly they both promise to produce more learned and capable humans, implicitly that their products will prepare students for the “real world.”

But no parent in their right mind really expects their kid to become an Einstein when they buy these products.  However, parents do expect their kids to get better paying jobs when they send them to college.

So why is Disney held accountable and college are not?

Perhaps,  the reason why colleges are not sued is because in their Mission Statements, they never advertise that their goal is to employ students in the workforce.   Maybe, Disney could have avoided their sad fate if they wrote a nice mission statement too.

In fact, many colleges mission statements are slightly flowery and vague, generally aimed to prepare students to graduate with a sense of social awareness.  Take Notre Dame University; they hope to graduate students with an “appreciation for … achievements of human beings … and concern for the common good that … becomes service to justice.”   Similarly, Grinnell College seeks to:

Educat[e] young men and women in the liberal arts through free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas … to graduate women and men who can think clearly …  speak and write persuasively and even eloquently, who can evaluate critically both their own and others’ ideas, who can acquire new knowledge, and … serve the common good.”

And if they fail?  If students don’t come out serving the common good or being open minded or persuasive?  Did the school fail? Should the students deserve a refund?

A lot of people think that going to college automatically means that they will get a better paying job.  Not in this market. BUT,  they eventually will, so is it right that colleges credit prominent individuals who become successful in their later years to them?  Likewise, are we judging too soon on the effects of Baby Mozart on Everybaby?

Regardless, with the rampant statistics correlating higher education with salaries, people are running like crazy for higher learning.  After hearing that veteran IT professionals are taking classes in Shakespeare, which have no relevancy to their jobs, so that they can complete their Associates Degree, I could not help but shiver at the wasted time and money.

Perhaps it is an incremental process and we have judged too soon whether a baby will become a genius.  In that sense, perhaps the essay I wrote regarding Hobbesian theory to Wuthering Heights will traverse its way into serving the common good.  And, perhaps, Freud and Jungian Psychology actually does help explain away and thereby relieve the abnormalities of humanity.

Ironically, it is these very statistics that perpetuate the system we live in now, where almost every decent paying job requires a B.A., which further demarcates and stratifies the privileged, who can afford an education, gain power, and make rules, against those that cannot.

So, we applaud Lawyers who want to break Disney’s monopoly on the baby market.  Perhaps we should applaud this woman on trying to break college’s monopoly on young adults?

If we are to move into the future, we need to credit other forms of education, other than the traditional four year degree, which is not a guarantee of anything. 

This one anonymous post expresses the frustration of many graduates:

Colleges regularly lie through their teeth about the job prospects for their degrees in the subjects they teach.

Imagine that after working your #$% off and getting yourself in debt for that degree, you suddenly find out that the job prospects for your degree were crap. And it’s not because the job prospects for your degree declined recently, but the job prospects have been crap for more than a decade.

If colleges and universities can be honest about job prospects for sociology, gender studies, art, history, then I see no reason why they should also be honest about job prospects for information technology.

As for:”The college prides itself on the excellent career-development support that we provide to each of our students, and this case does not deserve further consideration,”(Sarcasm) I bet when you ask the college, they don’t have problems with drugs too. (every college has).

We live in a world where status is determined by tiers and ranks and educated individuals validated by a paper of credit and their ability to create “open discourse.”

If that is the case, it’s not the college’s fault when we students graduate unemployed.  We just didn’t read the mission statement.  And in order to avoid problems, Disney should create one too.

What do you think?

Obsolete When All Are Employed welcome your comments!

I DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY!: The Modern Woman

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In the effort to evade the courting of a local Club Promoter, I told him that I had to stay home to job search to which he replied, “Oh, good. I like a girl with goals.”  Two things crossed my mind:  1) he tried to impress me with his self-implied ambition and 2) how many goalless women has he met to be so shocked that I, a single female, is actively looking for a job?  To champion the typical female stereotype of Gold Digger fueled my drive to secure employment.  And, ironically, I have joined his line of work, but in the financial industry as a Promotions Specialist.

Recognizing the changing roles of women, as discussed in yesterday’s post, got me thinking about my recent change in priorities.  Earlier this year and during much of my time in college, I desired to join the Arts. “As long as I am happy, I am OK with being poor,” I told myself as I hustled through New York networking and scouring the theater scene.  Much to my dismay,  I found that many females in the arts can do so because they married well-paid husbands.

The efforts of the feminist movement from the political Susan B. Anthony  to the fashionable flappers to the Third Wave feminists of today are marked by a continuation of female progress in politics, in their personal lives,  in the work force, and in the arts.  Shocking to discover that despite the popularity of Sex and the City and the Vagina Monologues, a Princeton study confirmed that the failure of women progress in theater is due to biases by women artistic directors (who rank female playwrights lower than male playwrights).

Perhaps, women want to challenge women to up their game in this male dominated world but if a man is considered artistic because he threw a bunch of  Zombies in a Jane Austin novel, the standard isn’t that high.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The bottom line is that I never want to be impressed by someone because he can offer me something materialistic.  Impressed with his personable charisma and overall character?  Yes.   Impressed with his skills and direct line of work? Perhaps.  Impressed with the fact that he can afford to fly to France tomorrow. And take me with him? NO.

I’d be impressed if he could fly me to the moon.  But not many men could afford to fly me back … so forget that.   And the desire for financial independence changed my goals.

Sadly, these hard times has driven some women to cling to men — the return of concubines in China, (village girls who seek rich and powerful city men to take care of them), being one example.  However,  financial independence is what we Modern Women owe to our pioneers.

In addition, despite a recent poll report that 80% of males and females are OK with women getting paid more than men, we live in an age where people divorce each other with a the drop of a dime and are even quicker to leave a bad situation.  Women cannot solely rely on the male factor to decide their fate.

Perhaps it is a cop out to choose a profession that is not my first interest.  But the do or die mentality is for those willing to die.  And I do not.  Is there a fault in that?


State Of the American Woman: Visual Aid

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Here are some of the stats and charts that the magazine article had that was pretty helpful, I picked some of the questions I thought were particularly interesting:

There would be fewer problems in the world if women were more equal in government and business


Pie Chart of Female Responses

Disagree: 26%
Agree: 69%


Pie Chart of Male Responses

Disagree: 36%

Agree: 54%

*Don’t know” and refused to answer
were not included

Men resent women who have more power than they do



Finally, In households where both partners have jobs, women take on more responsibilities for the home and family than their male partners do:

STRONGLY AGREE………………………………

28% of the Males Strongly Agreed


55% of the Females Strongly Agreed

Further Breakdown:

Women 65 and older………55%




Men 65 and older……..31%

According to the article:
The Abt SRBI poll of 3,413 adults (1,599 men and 1,814 women) was conducted by telephone between Aug. 31-Sept. 15

Time Review: The State of the American Woman

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Time Cover


This Article Was: Insightful, puzzling, frustrating, doe-eyed, poll driven

In today’s society, are women forced to sacrifice happiness for power and respect? According to the recent Time’s article, since the magazine’s spring of 1972 research on the status of women “in the throes of women’s lib”, women have made amazing strives in the workplace, home and society in general. However, these advancements seem to have put a strain on their overall happiness, which the article points out: “no tidy theory explains the trend.”

According to Justin Wolfers, a co-author of The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness (touché): “We looked across all sectors—young vs. old, kids or no kids, married or not married, education, no education, working or not working—and it stayed the same,’ he says of the data…’but there are a few ways to look at it’” The article goes on to suggest that maybe these results have happened because women have become more honest about “what ails them.” Another suggestion is: “they [women] are now free to wrestle with the same pressures and conflicts that once accounted for greater male unhappiness.”

In addition, this article goes on to cover even more facets and complexities of this issue well. But what does it all mean, really?

When I studied abroad in South Africa a little more than a year ago, I remember a conversation I had with my host mom, whom I lived with in the Lang Township, in Cape Town. We were talking about women, and responsibilities, and I made the comment: “African women are expected to do everything these days! They have to buy the food, cook the food, feed the children, take care of the house, work, and lead the household. It seems so difficult.” “It is Ebony,” my host mom responded—she was a mother and a granny, who raised not only her children, but her children’s children as well—“it is expected of us to do everything, and we do it because we have to”. Now looking back on this conversation, I have realized that its not just women from Southern Africa who feel the strain, who was the group I was thinking of when I made the comment, but women all over. With the shift in status and power come responsibilities, but it does not necessarily equalize them…

So just because I am able to get a job and compete with men, in a way that I have never been able to before, I still may feel a need to eventually keep a home and domesticate myself in some way (learn how to cook, take care of kids, etc), while still being a member of the workforce. In some ways, the burden has become heavier to bear.

When I graduated from college in May, I started having thoughts on my future…crazy thoughts.

Hmm, when am I going to have kids?
When shall I get married?
I want to be a Foreign Service officer…can I have a family, and still be a competitor for better opportunities?

I am sure there have been women before me who have accomplished these goals, but if I were to ask them how it was, I doubt they would tell me it was easy accomplishing them. Or maybe they would…either way this article had me reflecting on my life in all kinds of ways…

I thought the article was extremely insightful, and made me think about how the journey of women has and will affect my ascent into womanhood. For the most part the information resonated with me…but one thing I disliked about it is the author tried to suggest that the increase of women who are single mothers:

Children living with a single mother:
1972: 13%
2008: 23%

Was a sign of increase of independence of women and the confidence in being the head of a household. I am not a statistician or a sociologist but that is a bit irresponsible. I know she is considering the fact that women are now adopting and birthing children on their own, but not all of them are doing this by choice…

In conclusion, it’s a good read…

A Time Special Report:
What Women Want Now

Wall Street: Is the Economy Turning Japanese? And why investors should take advantage of the U.S. stock market while it’s still afloat ….

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The Wall Street Journal states that America is now mimicking Japan’s post 1990 slump of  “Ultra-loose monetary policy and low demand for credit, combined with high unemployment and consumer deleveraging … [which] could lead to a prolonged slump.”

According to the article: 

The reality of an increasingly command-driven economy in America means that government policy is likely to become the key determinant of where investors should place their money. For example, the near-term prospects for the housing market in the U.S. will be strongly influenced by whether the federal government extends its first-time home-buyer tax credit when it expires in November. Like cash for clunkers with autos, the risk is that such a program is simply buying demand from the future.

This is why Wall Street should make the most of the rally in U.S. stocks while it lasts. The next bubble in asset markets will not be in the West but in emerging Asia, led by China.

Please, For the Sake of Your Wallet Don’t Believe the Hype

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9 Cons:
1. False sense of security (socially and academically)
2. There really is no guarantee, of anything once you graduate
3. Elitism
4. Can be a crap shoot if you lack in resources, or you don’t know what to do once you get there
5. Expensive
6. Depending on the institution…rigid
8. Education is worth it….but the typical animal house stuff…maybe not
9. May be wasting you’re time if not focused…

Let’s Elaborate on the Cons…shall we?


As a product of the cursed class of 2009, I understand that I am biased. And confused. But despite these flaws, I am still entitled to an opinion, and having a romantic and deluded understanding of college can be both deadly and expensive. But I should be clear on one point though: I AM NOT SAYING PEOPLE SHOULD NOT GO TO COLLEGE. That would be quite unfair of me to spit in the face of an institution that has given me more opportunities now than ever before, recession issues aside. But I am saying that college is not the end all and be all, the golden ticket to getting a job or having a career. And the stats and facts that they don’t want you to see, illuminates my argument and frustration with the whole issue.

It is a commonly cited fact that the average student debt out of college is $21,000. Whether in the context of the present, gloomy recession or the golden age of the mid and early 90’s… that is a large amount of money…and if you speak with many individuals you will find that they have much more than $21,000 dollars in debt. As a recent college graduate and added statistic to the millions of people who owe someone money since funding their college education…I truly don’t think that the hype around college is worth it, and only ends up bruising your ego and your wallet. In relation to job worthiness, whether you have a college degree or not, should not be the absolute factor in determining if you are capable of performing well on a job. It should help…but it should not be the only factor.
Trust me, I have met many an incompetent person at college. They being able to obtain a degree…to some degree…does not mean much. Some people use their college education as a crutch…to make up for the fact that they have no personality, no job experience, and no motivation to grind and work themselves up from the bottom like many people who were not fortunate enough to attend college.

Oh yes, I can be harsh, bitter and dramatic. But going to college is a lot more complicated then people make it seem. Its not just simply getting an education, you must also be educated on how to use it to better your life…because at the end of the day if you do not know what to do with your degree once you have earned it…you might as well throw it in the trash! LITERALLY THROW IT IN THE TRASH!

This topic is too big to solve with one article…in this series I am going to explore the reasons why college is overrated…and the rat race to get into college has in some ways devalued other forms of education…which in turn is very, very, problematic.

-Ebony J.

Next: “College, the Pipe Dream”

The Calm Before the Storm: 5 Pros to Attending College

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5 Pros to Attending College:

  1. Chance to obtain knowledge:

At least that is what it should be about. College gives you a chance to learn from the best, learn about the best, and learn how to become the best. Some enter college with aspirations to drink all night, sleep all day and engage in all kinds of promiscuity. Not that I’m judging these people but real is real: if you have to pay thousands of dollars to do that….you’re a dummy. And no amount of college, no matter how long you attend…can teach common sense.  

2.  Chance to meet new people in an academic setting: You meet people from countries you can’t pronounce, much less know. Its truly a great experience to meet people who live so far away, they have to call someone, to call someone, to finally reach home. That’s an exaggeration…but some places are quite far you know. Its also cool when you meet that kid from South Dakota, or Texas or wherever in the country you have never met people from, or you don’t interact with often.

3.  Academic buffet: Pretty obvious, it’s a buffet, of academia, which you partake from. Who can argue with that?

4.  Door opener: You do get exposed to some amazing, things and learn concepts that will open, literally open new worlds for you. If you do go and you don’t experience this at all…you are either: 1.) Jaded or 2.) Not paying attention as closely as you should…oops.

5.  Access to resources: There are people who are paid to sit around and tell you how to do things, where to do them and why you should. People willing took look at you’re papers, tutor you, lend you books, clean you’re bathrooms, and serve you food. Yeah you paid for it (or maybe someone is paying for you) so get you’re money’s worth!

 But can we have pros without cons?


In Life! on October 21, 2009 at 5:37 pm

I just read on the New York Times that Mandarin is now wiping out Cantonese.  And, lucky me, of all languages I have managed to harness under my belt, it is the dying animal: Cantonese.

I remember watching Kung Fu movies in Cantonese and thinking that Cantonese just sounded so much richer than Mandarin.  Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Sammo Law and a slew of  other Chinese hotshots that hit the American scene all made movies in Cantonese.  And they were excellent.

When the main Cantonese-speaking character of Journey to the West: The Monkey King (a Chinese tale of the adventures of a Monk, a monkey, a servant, and a pig)  quit halfway through the epic saga, and was replaced by a Mandarin-speaking actor, I stopped watching the episodes.  I simply could not understand what was going on.

My mother says Cantonese is “juk,” which in Cantonese means “crass,” whereas Mandarin is more refined.   But to me,  when a Cantonese person is yelling, threatening, or passionately accosting another Cantonese person, the nine tones intertwined creates a rich  lyrical orchestra that just sounds so “of the earth” as opposed to the five tones of Mandarin, the characters of which sound a little too flat, artificial, and  similar to each other in my ears.

With the growing number of people learning Mandarin, the rise of Mainland China, and the  recognition of Mandarin as the Official Language, Cantonese has now  become primitive.

With semi-alarmists, such as Thomas Friedman writing books out there about the rise of China and the rise of globalization  through technology, thereby causing  information to be easily dispersed and therefore ‘flatten’ or equalize everyone in the playing field, of course, people are rushing to learn Mandarin.   If you learn one of the hardest and most relevant languages in the world, you are putting yourself  ahead of the game.

His book, The World is Flat, warns that with the rise of China, Americans will have to start specializing and bettering their education system to keep up.  Despite the fact that he devotes one chapter aimed to assure readers that even if parents enroll kids in Mandarin language school, it might not better their future, the fact remains that my life would have been easier if I grew up speaking Mandarin.

So, now I’m reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Mandarin.  But, that is because I know Zhuyin Fuhao system, which is a romanization of Mandarin syllables that appears next to the Chinese characters.  So, I read the romanization, then read it aloud in Mandarin, then translate it in Cantonese (some Cantonese words sound like Mandarin), and then translate the Cantonese  back to Mandarin.  And finally, translate the Mandarin to English.

Again, my life would have been easier if I grew up speaking Mandarin.  But no use complaining … like I said before, when a wave pushes you, don’t just push back.  Be ready.

If You’re Obese or Smoke, You Have to Pay More for Health Care …

In Life! on October 20, 2009 at 12:52 pm

Two months ago, citizens, young and old alike, were yelling and shouting down senators and representatives at  townhall meetings.  While watching the ruckus on CNN, Ebony made a very good point:   Why are people getting mad at Obama for problems that they did to themselves?  They can’t blame him for their health problems.  They shouldn’t have smoked, or ate too much, and neglected themselves when they were young.  It’s their fault that they are the way they are now so they should stop blaming the President.

The next thing I hear is that North Carolina passed a bill stating that people who are obese or smoke will have to pay more for health insurance.

To be honest, I am not within the normal range for the BMI.  And I don’t think most people are.  I calculated my BMI and am considered slightly overweight on the standard scale.  Unfortunately, the BMI is not the best way to measure “normal.”  Or is it?  Although, the BMI does not take into consideration bone density and muscle mass, it does give us some way to keep ourselves in check (you can’t say you’re a golf ball, if you’re really a basket ball).

Perhaps I am in denial and do need to lose a good 15 pounds, despite my my schoolmate’s comment, “Tiffany, you can’t trust the BMI.  You look good.”  With my 5’1” stature, I should be 105 pounds.  At least that’s what the BMI says.   But, I’m not.  I suppose if other states start to pass a similar bill, it’s a good thing that they are targeting obese people instead of overweight people or else I would be charged extra.

On the other hand, who is to regulate how we live our life?  Should the actions of our youth predict our treatment in the future?  That’s a little 1984 Orwellian to me.

Would this costly bill encourage social responsibility to stay healthy and live a healthier lifestyle?

Or would this just be another way for Big Brother (the government) to keep watch and control?

What do you think?  Obsolete When All Are Employed welcome your comments!

Um, trying to get a job! What else is ne…

In Life! on October 13, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Um, trying to get a job! What else is new?

IF YOU’RE GRATEFUL, YOU’LL APPRECIATE THE RIDE … even if it’s an unstable rollercoaster …

In Life! on October 11, 2009 at 6:11 pm

I’m really grateful. It’s an economic crisis out there but I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back. People are so desperate for money, people can’t even park in the visitor’s space for fear of tow trucks coming through to make an extra 134 dollars on you.

Sad but true.

But now it’s time to stay positive. That’s the beauty of life. You never know what’s going to happen next and if life was perfect, we won’t have great stories to tell and then laugh and cry and be grateful about.

College Night (Oh My)

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So, I went to my college night the other night, and it was interesting to say the very least. A lot of people where there, from my year…and they all had jobs….what am I doing wrong?