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Unemployment Stats needs revision: it isn’t as bad as it looks

In Contagion on October 17, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Now the statistics show that the unemployment rate is not the best way to look at our economic health. Apparently, more and more people don’t want jobs and don’t want to work by their own choice. Or, they are not actively looking although they would like a job.


South Africa: Things Seem To Be Getting Worse Every Day…

In Contagion on October 13, 2009 at 7:28 pm

South Africa

Every other day I wake up, wash my face and quicky go down stairs to get my morning newspaper only to be greeted by shocking headlines such as: “27 million South Africans underemployed”. After reading this article I realized how extreme the situation has become lately with more than 18 million being unemployed and the rest earning below the stipulated minimum wage. Most people are now directly affected by this chronic situation, even the employed live in constant fear of loseing their jobs because of too much competition in the job market and this has fuelled nepotism. Its no longer about how qualified you are its now about who you know.
It was disturbing to see soldiers demonstrating to address their unrests against the government due to undermployment. The government is feeling the strain of the recession so they have drastically cut down on income raises of all civil servants, and soldiers were the worst affected given the fact that their salaries fall way below the stipulated minimum wage. The truth is that the government has failed to take care of thoes who have been loyal to its departments. Due to skyrocketing tax deficits, the situation of increasing wages to all civil servant remains a dream. It has led to a sad situation of mass resignation from a lot of government professionals like nurses and doctors who head for Europe, Australia and and the United States, and this has left a huge void in most departments….

Tatenda G.

South Africa correspondent.