Promise me, no matter how bad the recession gets, you will not inject cooking oil into your face!

In Uncategorized on December 23, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Before and After

Yes, cooking oil.  And 10 pounds of it. Don’t believe it?

Another Before & After

Apparently because of the recession, people who can’t afford professional botox and plastic surgery are resorting to home-made efforts.

‘Standing Fan’ otherwise known as Hang Mioku is an example of someone who failed to auto-plastic surgery herself at home.

Oh…and there’s more…

Yet another...Before & After

Too much…but there is a lesson to be learned….

She was not a victim of recession (more a plastic surgery addict…but perhaps the silicone became much too expensive after a while…who knows?) but this mom from Twin Cities is:

Silicone lube is different than silicone used in plastic surgery. But don't use this information to try something else please!

She wanted bigger lips, didn’t want to pay for botox and ended up buying silicone lube and injected herself with it.  Now she is disfigured because the silicone isn’t absorbed by the body.  She has to pay thousands more to fix it.

So please, please no matter how desperate you get, don’t try this at home or in your car or wherever.  Natural beauty is the best!

Obsolete When All Are Employed


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