Unemployment Bill of Rights: Amendment 3 (broke people need toilet paper too!)

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Conditions for the Broke and Unemployed

I guess my job is worse ... but at least it gets the "job" done

The Right to be quartered and have Quality of Life

No unemployed being shall, in time of peace or war be denied the proper conditions to live as a healthy human being.

If anyone tells me that I am not fit to be housed, receive proper health care, or have access to educational opportunities or the ability to buy certain necessities like toilet paper because I don’t have money, I’m not broke, the system is!

Many argue that health care should not be a right because that allows the government to control how we live (aka regulate us if we want to do something crazy like sky dive because it’s ‘not healthy’). But if broke people are expected to scrape up pennies from their couch to PAY UP FRONT for the extraction of wisdom teeth, a regular doctor’s checkup, a gyno check up, an eye exam, that is a problem.

 1) Number one, I can’t help growing useless teeth

Yup, I like to be useless. And No, I'm not in league with the oppressors.

2) I can’t help being a woman (who by default is susceptible to PMS, certain cancers and uterus problems)

I'm a ram!

3) I CAN’T HELP BEING DARWINISTIC (why should celebrities and politicians be the sole survivors?)

It takes a while for me to look ... well good. So let's hurry up and fix the system!

 Many argue that we can’t make it a right because people will take advantage of the system (just ask a nurse about homeless people). Sad as that may be, we still live in a poverty measurement based on the purchasing power parity (PPP) of 1963 and the dollar today ain’t worth nilly to the dollar back then. FACT: Bad things happen even if you do make the right decisions so you can’t make system that punishes every one.

If you ask me where we are going to get that money? Maybe if our head honchos stopped holding all these fancy ceremonies, in which catering a ONE DINNER party for 100 people can cost up to 16,000 + dollars (I cater events , so I know) and reallocate/ rebudget that to the wellbeing of the people, that’s a start.Or if they’re worried about presentation and face, why not hold a charity event (no food), bring in some toothless kids and then make every one feel guilty for living an extravagant life.

We want som’ more too, Oliver!!!


The 2008 poverty threshold measurement for a family of four was around 22,025 dollars BEFORE TAX. Did anyone ever hear of INFLATION??? Gosh knows what it is today.And how does this cover the costs of all that we discussed in PART ONE?   If we want a system that promotes fertility control and a sustainable population (since our population is predicted to hike from 6.6 billion to 9.1 billion in 2050), we need to provide the resources for broke people to do so! It has been noted that restless people get frisky! And that means the medical means to stay healthy.

 ***The poverty thresholds are updated annually for current price changes (income unadjusted for inflation) and not changed in constant-dollar terms (income after inflation)

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