Maintaining OUR Sexy: Details on Our Revamping, Moving, and Shaking

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2009 at 1:13 pm

One can learn how to maintain sexy from Dr. "take that, take that" himself...take that

Hello people,

We at Obsolete when all are employed have major adjustments we need to attend to, so we wanted to clue you in! There are a few steps to this happening, so follow me if you will:

  • Our last post will be on Wednesday 23rd, 2009. (this Wed). After that post, we will not post until January 25th, 2010.
  • When we DO post on January 25th, 2010, we will be at a completely different URL (internet address), we will have a different name (sort of) and we will have a different look, so don’t be shocked or confused…it will look different, but for the better!

When we do come back online, we are aiming for greater unemployment heights! We will have blogs, video, resources, prizes, contests, job opportunities, audio, smell-o-vision (patent pending) and more virtual interactions that you will be able to stand! You WILL love it!

However, yes, we are hoping to bring the blog to another level, so your input would be appreciated. If you have any requests, comments, critiques, design input or stories, OR interest in being a correspondent, email us at:

But in all seriousness and sexiness, we are aiming for change, so we want you to come along with us! Because when we strike employment/blog gold, you can say: I WAS THERE. I.WAS.THERE…..

But I digress. Here are the steps you can take to keep in the know about what is going to happen with Obsolete:

1.)  Befriend us on Facebook: Both Tiffany & I are on Facebook. If you are already friends with us, we will invite you to a group. The group wall will have any and all changes that come up, what the new URL will be, and also new contact information once that changes as well.


2.)  Follow us on Twitter: Yes, we are on Twitter, my dear friends, so follow us! We can be followed @theunemploychro…so this is a good way to know what we will be changing as well. Once we do change everything, we will notify people via Twitter so follow us if you want an update on our goings on in 140 words or less.

Email! Us! Please!

3.)  Not interested in Facebook? Send us a note!: Between now, and January 23rd, email us at And say anything. Talk about how sexy you are. Talk about how broke you are. Talk about how you want to know what happens to us. We don’t give a damn. If you email us (saying anything) then in turn we can email you once all our information changes, and we are ready to relaunch, (we won’t send you spam, and we won’t send you an email everyday, probably no more than 2 or 3, between now and the relaunch, and we won’t sell your email address…hmm I wouldn’t even know who to sell it to…but if I do find out…*evil cackle*! Just kidding!) Anyway, yeah, the email way is the way to go if you are not interested in the Facebook route or tweeting.

Therefore, you have three choices, the fluorescent beige pill, the opaque maroon pill, or the slightly off sea green…which will you choose!?!? Choose wisely!

Anyway, until this Wed, keep an eye on this post for any possible changes and additional posts we put up…muhahahah!!!

Obsolete When All Are Employed


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