Maintain Your Sexy Part Deux: How to Start the New Year off RIGHT & What NOT to Wear

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HO HO HO!!!!!

Yes it is the Holidays, so if you have a job, Santa came early, if not…well…kick up your heels until the new fresh year!

Have you thought about your Old Year’s goals? If you completed those, then it is time to move on to what needs to be done for next year.

Here are some tips courtesy of HOC on preparing for your 2010 Job Search:

  • Update your resume: look over it, and make sure everything is on point, also get someone else to look at it if you can. If you hope to apply for a position, unless the position has a specific date before the New Year, wait to submit it. This may seem counterintuitive, but a lot of offices are in holiday mode, so if you submit it now, no one may even pay it any attention…


  • Keep your profile current: as in social profile. Make sure everything is up to date, and accurate, as well as decent. A lot of employers are looking at your facebook or linked in…so don’t give them any excuse to sack you before you even start


  • Put your best digital foot forward: Google yourself. What do you find? If you find anything that can be incriminating, and you can control it being up there, fix it! Employers Google people to see what they can find, and sometimes it aint pretty…


  • Make new friends: When you go to these Christmas parties and maybe even New Year parties, mingle, and network, you never know who will be worth contacting after the glitter settles.


  • Prepare your references: call up people you know both professional and otherwise and ask them if you can still depend on them as a reference. Aim to do it next Monday if you can, but if not, aim for Jan. 2, or 3rd by the latest.


Also a Bonus:

Can you see me? Can you see me NOW?

What NOT to wear to a Job interview: (also courtesy of HOC)

Some of these shocked me, but good to keep in mind:

  • Sunglasses on your head, or headphones on your neck, your interviewer should never see either
  • no backpacks, or fannypacks, briefcases and portfolios will do
  • too-short skirts
  • the wrong tie (what does that mean?)
  • overly bright or large patterned clothing
  • heavy makeup (on anyone)
  • Earrings on men
  • More than one set of earrings on women
  • facial piercing, tongue jewelry or visible tattoos
  • ill-fitting clothes
  • long fingernails, especially with bright or specialty polishes
  • unnatural hair colors and styles
  • short-sleeved shirts
  • fishnets, patterned hosiery or bare legs
  • men whose socks don’t match their shoes
  • rumpled or stained clothing
  • scuffed or inappropriate footwear
  • strong aftershaves, perfumes of colognes
  • belts and shoes that don’t match
  • Telltale signs that you are wearing a new suit

the bold ones I found shocking…anything missing? Feel free to comment, and let us know what else should NOT be worn on an interview…

  1. Whoe whoe wait…tell tale signs about you wearing a new suit?! what?! I hope they mean that you should remove tags before wearing it out of the house! I mean what wromg with making an investment in your professional appearance?

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