Step Right Up For Your Hot Links!

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Go Tiger, go!

Speaking of Unemployment…you just might see Mr. Woods in the unemployment line right behind you! (Click here)

The whole world is watching the climate talks in Denmark, which if they aint careful can go down in

(Click here)

79% Interest rate? Oh my God! This Credit Card looks so familiar…NOOOOOOO!!!! (Click here)

Small Buisiness set to get some aid…yay! (Click here)

Cities where the rich get richer, and even some of the in between and poor too! (Click here)

GM is sacking Saab…does that mean I should go out and buy one??!?!?! (Click here)

MSNBC’s week in pictures (Click here)

And an extra treat: Oh snap, the drama The Great Recession is going to get worse? (Click here)

Have an amazing weekend, and check back next Monday…Obsolete When All Are Employed


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