DON’T BELIEVE THE SMILES ON FACEBOOK: The grass is not that greener on the other side

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Does this look fake? Oh who cares, I'm a cat

Everyone always thinks that the other guy’s life is so much better. He has a lexus; she has a dog; he has a girlfriend; she has a sugar daddy; he has a corporate job and makes dough; she has blond hair.

Since recapping with some former colleagues, I have found that though I may need to mow my own lawn, the grass only seems greener on the other side.

One of my friends sounded like he was living the HOLLYWOOD dream: graduated top class; secured an apartment and car in LA; then three months after graduation a job with a production company; still with his longtime girlfriend; just had some close friends visit.

The reality: He was a secretary doing nothing creative and always getting yelled at for mistakes, he worked long 9-12 hour days, he was getting paid diddly squat after taxes, and the company wasn’t even making movies.


Another friend was prepping to be a lawyer or a professor:  just took his LSATs; applying for joint programs; happily married, enviable because he had options and yummy home-cooked food every day.

The reality: He doesn’t even really want to be a lawyer or poli sci major, doesn’t really know what else to do because that is the only thing he is good at even though he thinks it’s sort of BS.  His main phrase: Life is suffering. 


Another friend got a full ride to engineering school for a PHD. He also got at least a 15,000 dollar yearly stipend to just be a student and do some assisting. Had mojo. 

Reality: he can’t wait to go back to his undergraduate block party because those were the days of fun and friendship. Plus, the girl he liked in grad school had a roommate that came on to him, which resulted in them both yelling at him. PLUS, he has not made any real friends.  Plus, it’s so bad he might just get his masters and leave. 


Another friend got her dream job as an event planner in NY with an art company. Problem? They might not sponsor her to stay in the US because she is international. 

So all in all, don’t feel bad when things aren’t going your way. It’s not all smiles.  But please don’t think that this means be OK with your life right now.  Continue gardening your lawn and make it the best you can be.   Life is short.  Just don’t let anyone with a fancy suit faze you.  If they are anything like my coworker, his wife is probably sleeping on the floor with the kids.


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