POST GRAD (trailer) RATING: NEGATIVE INFINITY! So bad it doesn’t even deserve a real number ….

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Rating: negative infinity

I’ve been wanting to blow up this spot for a while now. Just haven’t had a chance to watch the movie. So, I’m going to rate the trailer. Out of 10.  10 being the best.

Now, when this first came out Ebbs and I, whilst planning the blog, wanted to watch it so we could write a review of a movie that is relevant to all of us Unemployed. To say the least, we were so appalled, we didn’t even want to watch it.

Firstly, although Alexis Bledel was popular on Gilmore Girls, the ranks of the unemployed need someone who we can relate to and, therefore, respect. That means someone who CAN ACT.

Like America Farerra or Shrek.

I don’t have a job so I sit on my ass all day!

Even the typical underdog Spider man would do.

– 2

Secondly, the movie features all white people. We live in America. Where are the minorities? Didn’t they hear about the complaints Sex and the City had?  (In the series, the protagonists lived in NY, the most diverse city ever , and it only featured white people.  In the movie, they had one the black girl who was an assistant.  Even more shocking, they had a part where she who was soooo grateful for getting a nice bag from a white person — typical stereotype and symbol of America’s history of oppression)

And if not, don’t they read the news?   Minorities are getting it the worst. This brought my rating to a BIG FAT zero.


Thirdly, the fact that it featured unemployed people who find LOVE brought my arbitrary rating down to a negative. I’m not down on love, I’m just into reality. And the reality is that you shouldn’t be broke and sitting around and waiting for someone to save you from yourself.


Fourthly, who is this movie targeting?  DUH, the unemployed.

Then it follows: can the unemployed afford to watch a 10-12 dollar movie in the theaters?  Probably not.  Negative, negative.

And you wouldn’t go on a date to watch this right?

Dude:      “Hey baby, let’s be voyeuristic and watch the struggles of everyone around us …. (including me, but you don’t know about that, which is why I didn’t buy you dinner)

My big bad voyeuristic self:             How romantic.

This double negative doesn’t equal a positive. Actually, it’s SO BAD it’s more an infinity negative (As in not even credible enough to be a real number).


When I scrape up enough cash that I don’t mind spending on “discretionaries” then I’ll rate the movie. Or just save it and put in the bank.

Call me a hater but our friend Wikipedia agrees:

The film received generally negative-to-mixed reviews by film critics and moviegoers alike. It stands with a “rotten” 9% approval rating by 79 critics at Rotten Tomatoes (8% of the site’s 25 top critics). By comparison, it has a finer score of 37 at Metacritic, based on 25 reviews, which yet still indicates “generally unfavorable reviews”.


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