What Is Really Going On?

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It's about that time....

-submitted by Ebony J.

What is really going on? I keep asking myself this very question….

Aunt Bet’s throws the cordless phone down with disgust. “You, know this is the tenth time I called these people and the line is busy?” She says with frustration.

I am lying there taking it all in. I have been watching my Aunt call the unemployment office endlessly, all day, and to no avail. No response, nothing but “sorry, this line is busy” or an obnoxious busy signal, over, and over, and over again. Mind you, for those who are not aware, the unemployment office is not one office that everybody and their mom call. Nope, they are all over the place, and extremely specific, assigned to certain counties and regions. Despite this, my Aunt still could not seem to get anyone to answer the phone. And this has been her fourth daylong attempt.

What is really going on? If you can’t even get someone to answer the phone at the unemployment office, what kind of traffic are they dealing with? I mean damn, if one can’t even get through to the unemployment office, what kind of hope is that supposed to give you? That’s just depressing, on so many levels.

You see, I’m not employed, but technically, I believe, I might not even be considered unemployed…I am, but not like my aunt is…she worked at the same company for too many years to count (16 to be precise), and then became a statistic in the drama known as “The Great Recession” a triple feature, which seems to take itself too seriously, and refuses to end.

I don’t want to be negative, but we are at a time in our history where the positive aspects of life are overtaken and overshadowed by the downright outrageous, ridiculous, and unreal. Wars, famine, child soldiers, genocide, slavery/trafficking, gendercide, drugs, disease, CEO’s, corruption, guns, steel, neo-imperialism, ignorance, intolerance, UNEMPLOYMENT, idleness, wickedness, and please add to this if something didn’t make the list!

Why the rant? I don’t know, I have been pretty quiet about my own journey, and struggles with unemployment. Technically, I have been searching, and applying to jobs since last year of November, which has been riddled with experiences of botched interviews, annoying job search engines, numerous hairstyles, faded suits, more resume templates I care to count and too much more. Its more than one person can stand! Hell, more than one nation can stand.

For reasons, I have yet to understand, I don’t want everything about myself revealed on the blog, but I want to share more than I need to. I would like three things to be known about me:

1.)  I have been looking for a job for little over a year, and still on the prowl

2.)  I have been quite negative lately, for numerous reasons

3.)  I just turned 22. Yay for me.

I need to find a way to exorcise these daemons (except the 22 bit), a path of catharsis, which can guide me to a more positive outlook on life. Nothing lasts forever, and being in a grimy mood can only last for so long. You know how people make New Years Resolutions. Forget that nonsense, most people mess up by Jan 2nd; I feel a need to declare Old Years Goals. These are the three goals I need to accomplish before the end of the year

1.)  Erase Negative thoughts, outlooks and ideologies from my vocabulary

2.)  Apply for at least 10 more positions. Okay, lets be specific, 15. Yeah, that feels like a good number…doesn’t that feel like a good number? Yeah…15

3.)  Find an activity to do in my spare time…maybe stamp collecting, or bowling, or maybe applying to more jobs. Nah scratch that, hmm….maybe

We should all make goals, and create outlets for our energy. Any thoughts? We would love to know what your possible Old Year’s goals will be…and remember, you don’t have much time, so hurry up!


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