OBAMA: Incentives for Businesses to hire workers!!!

In Work Series on December 10, 2009 at 12:52 pm

Obama plans to create incentives for small businesses to hire workers by giving them grants and to create more green jobs.  That’s good news for 2010 and unemployed 2009 and anyone who just wants a job. 

This proposal and others are an expansion of the original stimulus package … good news?  Maybe not, because I’m still wondering what happened to the Stimulus package and the promised jobs then. 

* has a listing … but I’ve heard that many of the jobs created are fake?????  And that they were caught a while back.  

 The article says:

With small businesses complaining that they cannot get bank loans, Mr. Obama proposed to eliminate fees and increase government guarantees in 2010 for loans from the Small Business Administration. He said the Treasury would step up loans to small businesses from the bank bailout fund, the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Good news?  Bad news?  Do you trust Obama and our government?  Tell us what you think! 


*Not sure if that is the website that was caught … must do more research on that, but some job listing website created for the Stimulus was.  Any Conspiracy theorists out there?


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