In Life! on December 8, 2009 at 2:14 pm

In Orwell’s 1984, everyone popped Soma pills to stay happy.

In the 1960s Hippie Era, everyone lazed around at the beach and smoked grass for peace and love.

Then technology came, blurring the dimensions of time and space, as well as leaving the anxious to scream for more caffeine, so in 2002 some genius (or Stimulant Ogre depending on your stance) created the Monster energy drink to help all nighters stay up.

Today, Generation RX is taking (literally from their kids, friends, family) prescription medication to keep up with the fast-paced environment.

What happened to just taking a nap, getting a nice massage, jogging, punching your pillow, or shooting a virtual character and, in some cases, a real one to calm your nerves?

According to an MSNBC article, one out of 5 teenagers take Vicodin and OxyContin to get a buzz, while others choose aderol or other medication that allow them to focus.  Scarily, according to December’s Women’s Health magazine, even mothers are tapping into their kids’ prescriptions just to concentrate on their busy schedules and keep up with managing the house and work.

The Pill is on!  Everyone from overstressed mothers and women to prepubescent kids, and anxious military kids are popping the pill.  I had met some folks in college who took pills to concentrate, to sleep, to stop acne, to get high.  But I never wanted to take any medication …. dependency kills. I hardly take any when I’m legit sick. I guess I have the old school mentality of the body curing itself. 

 I brought this up because currently I’m working on a research paper and I just can’t concentrate! What to do?  Coffee has tanic acid in it and tea stains teeth if you drink it too much.   Ironically, despite the fact that there is much stimulation, with the tv on, youtube, and the latest gossip on Megan Fox and how every one hates her, I still feel like it is not enough! I can’t concentrate. But if I turned it all off … well … then I suppose I might just fall asleep on myself.

So what to do?  Theater tricks.  There are certain pressure points in the body that wake you up. 

1) If you press the point in between your thumb and forefinger and then shake out, you awaken your nervous system.  Get off your butt and do it standing or it defeats the purpose. 

2) Tai Chi – raise your hands above your head with “happy hands” and shake out, imagining dispersing negative energy out and positive white light coming in.  A little Star Trekky but work with me on this. 

3) Square Breathing – if you’re nervous or jittery, breathe in 3 counts, hold 3 counts, breathe out 3 counts and repeat.   Learned this from dance performers so it’s legit.   If you want to dosi do while you’re at it, go ahead! 

BUT, if you like taking pills and support it, tell us what you think?  I feel like I’m having a conversation with myself … and I can’t blame the drugs… not taking any!  🙂


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