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WHAT TO DO? WHERE TO GO? HOW? WHY? I'm confused ....

“Your overriding quest must include developing a reputation for excellence which serves as a form of currency in the world marketplace.”

 Wow.  That means that everything you do matters.  And you better make up your mind on what MATTERS now and avoid wasting time.   Talk about pressure. 

 After telling my coworker that I am slightly confused as to what God wants me to do with my life, he gave me a life chart with quotes and outlines. “If you don’t write it all down, you won’t achieve it.  Make your goals visual.” 

Included on the chart was: The Ten Goal Setting Areas of Your Life

1)      Personal –

2)      Health

3)      Recreation

4)      Family

5)      Friendships

6)      Community

7)      Career

8)      Financial

9)      Household

10)   Spiritual

It specified that you should write your present goals, goal in 3-5 years, and life time goals.   Honestly, this is a lot of stuff to figure out and time manage in a 24 hour day, 5-8 of which you spend sleeping and at least 2 of which you spend commuting. 

What has always perplexed me is the constant state of change in life.  Even if you plan and plan and plan, your plans will change.  So what’s the point of trying to control everything?  You might meet someone who will change your life, or you might find a new interest that you never thought would happen and then what? 

Having had multiple crises – the one-eight life crisis, the quarter life crisis, and all that fun high-cortisol- inbetween crises.    And it was because there was no stable plan … or that my plans continued to change because of new opportunities.  In America, you grow up with the sense that anything is possible.  So, planning almost seems limiting unless you were born to know what you want, which not all of us are.  Having discussed this topic with a friend the other day, he truly believed that anything is possible.  I mean, people get famous off of youtube by doing makeup or making a fool of themselves.  Anything is possible.   And at least they are getting famous for what they love to do. 

So, while pondering the above, which is better:  to plan things or let life happen?   Obsolete When All Are Employed welcome your comments!

  1. Im going to give a typical grinnellian response and say that you should strike a balance between the two. You shouldn’t just drift aimlessly, and you shouldn’t try and plan your life down to the very second either. Let’s face it, that would be very difficult if not impossible. I think the proper balance between the two would be: being proactive and flexible.

    Be proactive about what you want out of life, and go after it but also keep your mind, eyes and ears open to the inevitable unexpected. Of course such a thing is quite challenging but is very possible.

    Me personally, I’m very big on “to-do lists” whether it be for the day, the month or the year. My to do list made managing homework and other resposiblities much easier. It got me through undergrad.

    All in all, the best thing of all is self awareness. Find what works best for you whether it be to do lists, post-it note reminders or voice memos, whatever helps you stay on track and be (for the most part) productive.

    • Hi Rico! Thanks for commenting. Yes, it is important to strike a balance between the two and the ‘To Do’ Lists get so long sometimes I wonder if it is even worth finishing. Right now I’m trying to finish up a project and it’s like killing me … but you’re right. Sometimes we just need to let God do his work!

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