Wake Up: In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –

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New York Times Photo

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –

According to New York Times:

But there is ample evidence that racial inequities remain when it comes to employment. Black joblessness has long far outstripped that of whites. And strikingly, the disparity for the first 10 months of this year, as the recession has dragged on, has been even more pronounced for those with college degrees, compared with those without. Education, it seems, does not level the playing field — in fact, it appears to have made it more uneven.

College-educated black men, especially, have struggled relative to their white counterparts in this downturn, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate for black male college graduates 25 and older in 2009 has been nearly twice that of white male college graduates — 8.4 percent compared with 4.4 percent.

Various academic studies have confirmed that black job seekers have a harder time than whites. A study published several years ago in The American Economic Review titled “Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal?” found that applicants with black-sounding names received 50 percent fewer callbacks than those with white-sounding names.

…This post is my life at the moment…in some respects. I have been searching for a job for a little bit more than a year now, and some would say that one year is about how long it takes, while others would say I should have a job by now…

Either way, it has crossed my mind…that maybe…I have not been getting anyone to bite my hook because of my name. Since my name is Ebony, I have been wondering if my name conjures up ridiculous sterotypes and archetypes in the minds of recruiters who have crossed paths with my resume. I may never know why I have had such a hard time finding empolyment, but when one struggles, one comes up with all kinds of reasons for the struggle, whether they are true or not…

I’m not crying racism, I’m not crying prejudice, but I am crying ignorance…if I happen to be rightwhich there is no way to tell

Thus the root of my frustration! Is the dreaded name resume game from the nineties still in full force? I’m referring to the study that took place in the mid-nineties that found evidence that people with “ethnic” name’s resumes were most likely to end up in the garbage, as opposed to the”Yes” pile. Is one’s name, cultural background, even race a issue when applying to a job? Can’t we all just get along and find employment? Obsolete welcomes all comments…

Read the full article here: In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap –


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