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      I am a ROGUE! GRRRRRRRRR ….

Worker 1: “Someone complained to my manager that I was stretching in the hallway and it was inappropriate.”

Worker 2: “You work with a lot of women, yeah?”

Worker 1: “…..”

Men have stereotypically been considered less emotional and easier to deal with in the workforce. Many of my female friends prefer working with men because there is “less drama, gossip, catfights, grudge-holding, nitpickiness” and anything that shouts DRAMA QUEEN. The conversation above took place between two friends of mine after one of them complained that her female boss told her to “watch what [she] says and accused her of causing a “negative work environment,” as well as influencing her male coworkers to hate the boss.

Although working with women has been traditionally considered the “cattier” sex, I have found that there are some men out there that act like these “women.” It makes me slightly uncomfortable to say that there are men that act like women because that implies that women are indeed the crazier ones and harder to handle. HOWEVER, to dispel the conventional notion that women are crazy and uber emotional, I have worked with men-like-women who are defensive and emotional, as well as women who “act like men” and just want to get the job done.

Below are the stereotypical differences between men and women:

Men• Just want to get the job done
• Less emotional
• Don’t really care what you do as long as you don’t bother them
• Ready to get a beer and chill out
• Confrontational but, again, ready to get a beer and chill out after the “fight”
• Direct

• Gossip-mongers
• Snitchers
• Emotional drama queens
• Grudge-holders
• Defensive
• Nitpicky
• Passive aggressive but can be really aggressive
• Two-face (they smile at you with lipstick, but secretly they are smearing your name in the bathroom walls figuratively and literally)
• Need more recognition and validation of power status
• Ruminate and scheme more

So what do you think? Is the above true? Are women really that much “crazier” than men? Is being “emotional” a bad thing? Should these traits not be generalized between men and women? Obsolete When All Are Employed Welcome Your Comments.


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