Overrated Careers….Is There Such A Thing?

In economy, Life!, Misc on November 18, 2009 at 12:51 am

In my opinion: yes.

I mean we are living in some of the most jaded of times…everything from fashion, to film, art and even recessions seems to be a spit out, microwave version of a previous experience from the past.

Nothing seems new anymore. So to go along with this unoriginal feeling that no one seems able to shake, even people’s careers, their livelihood, have been labeled as “not as great” as people may think…

And this argument has become even easier to make…with the icy recession breathing down people’s neck, and all kinds of people calling up the Unemployment Office–including the coveted docters and lawyers–apparently no one has been immune to job loss, and the more overrated position, the harder they have seemed to have fallen…

US News & World Report came up with a list, which is pretty accurate:

The Most Overrated Careers:

For the most part I do agree with this list (heck, I aspired to be one of these of the longest time), but my only issue is teacher being one of them. That’s just irresponsible, there are not enough teachers, and if everyone thought that being a teacher was not worth it, there would be even less…and what good would come from that?

What do YOU think? So much to consider: do you agree with this list? Are there others that were forgotten? Is there such a thing as an overrated career???



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