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Community Colleges are now growing so big that teachers are holding night classes that run from 11:30  PM to 2:30 AM.   Obama also enacted a $12 billion plan that will help five million community college students graduate by 2020.

According to the article: 

“It shines a spotlight on a sector of higher education that by and large has been viewed as the lowest rung on the ladder,” Dr. Fifield said. “Now we have the president of the United States talking about community colleges as an engine that will drive and sustain economic success in this country.”

Most of the students in Mr. Chin’s writing class, who range in age from 18 to 59, are employed but hoping a degree will lead to more stable, higher-paying jobs. Some start work as early as 4 a.m. or finish as late as 11 p.m., making the class time more appealing.

What I find most interesting is that back in the day and even now a majority of people think that community college is as Dr. Fifield says, “the lowest rung” on the ladder of college hierarchy.  But if you don’t attend Harvard, Yale, or the really well known big name schools, does it matter which college or type of college (public or private) you attend? 

My mother attended a community college on a full ride and now she is a register nurse.  I suppose that says a lot about community college. 

It is commonly noted that employers don’t really look at where you went to college unless it is somewhere Ivy League and that they look more at the relevancy of your major and experience.  Perhaps, people should stop shelling out 40 grand a year to attend a private institution when they can get a degree at a less expensive one like a community college.   



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