The Calm Before the Storm: 5 Pros to Attending College

In College Series, Life! on October 26, 2009 at 9:13 am

5 Pros to Attending College:

  1. Chance to obtain knowledge:

At least that is what it should be about. College gives you a chance to learn from the best, learn about the best, and learn how to become the best. Some enter college with aspirations to drink all night, sleep all day and engage in all kinds of promiscuity. Not that I’m judging these people but real is real: if you have to pay thousands of dollars to do that….you’re a dummy. And no amount of college, no matter how long you attend…can teach common sense.  

2.  Chance to meet new people in an academic setting: You meet people from countries you can’t pronounce, much less know. Its truly a great experience to meet people who live so far away, they have to call someone, to call someone, to finally reach home. That’s an exaggeration…but some places are quite far you know. Its also cool when you meet that kid from South Dakota, or Texas or wherever in the country you have never met people from, or you don’t interact with often.

3.  Academic buffet: Pretty obvious, it’s a buffet, of academia, which you partake from. Who can argue with that?

4.  Door opener: You do get exposed to some amazing, things and learn concepts that will open, literally open new worlds for you. If you do go and you don’t experience this at all…you are either: 1.) Jaded or 2.) Not paying attention as closely as you should…oops.

5.  Access to resources: There are people who are paid to sit around and tell you how to do things, where to do them and why you should. People willing took look at you’re papers, tutor you, lend you books, clean you’re bathrooms, and serve you food. Yeah you paid for it (or maybe someone is paying for you) so get you’re money’s worth!

 But can we have pros without cons?


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