Man Down, Man Down…

In ABOUT US on October 13, 2009 at 7:55 pm

In more ways than one.

Myself, one half of theunemploychro can not help but feel a little…  don’t really know how to explain it … it would help if I shared some things.

I have a shocking confession to make for someone else (hehe)…Tiff A has a job (gasp!) ummm so one half of the team is technically employed. Dilemma? Not really. Joyful news? Certainly, yes. A little problematic for the purpose of this blog? Nah, Im still unemployed and obsessing over it. I just think its interesting that this whole time we have been hatching a plan to share our unemployment with the WWW, all of a sudden this chick becomes competent and lands herself a job. What is her not as lucky/unemployed counterpart to do?

And speaking of man down, I have been quite sick lately. I came down with something nasty last week and it does not seem to want to let me be…I think tomorrow I shall be a new woman…but I thought that yesterday, and the day before that…and the day preceeding that…


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