Is college worth it? YES!!!!!!!!!!

In College Series on October 12, 2009 at 3:53 am

Having recently graduated from Alma Mater University with a Political Science degree, I am now unemployed and living with my parents at home. Did I plan on this? No. I had planned on either traveling out of the country on scholarship or securing a decently paid job on the mainland.

In starting this article, I realized why so many people debate whether college was worth their time and money. They either came out with bad or good experiences based on the consequences of their priorities at the time. Below are the conflicting opinions that confuse students and affect one’s value of college:

1) GPA matters vs. GPA doesn’t matter
2) Major matters vs. Liberal Arts students can do anything
3) You should have more fun vs. I wish I had studied harder
4) College broadened my horizons vs. College was a waste of time and I didn’t learn anything practical
5) College was worth every penny vs. I should have saved money and started my own business
6) College was the best because of the special friendships I made vs. why did I go to school in the middle of nowhere?

Having listed the often opposing opinions, I would like to list 5 reason why I think college is important. Depending on your own priorities, the list below will give you insight as to how to navigate the world of college.

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