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We are two 20 something year olds, fresh out of college, who have just joined the unemployment force. We have decided to take you, readers, on a journey with us as we navigate this economic downturn. We are not experts, but are inquisitive individuals who have decided to use this time to rebuild, renew, and reevaluate our priorities, our values, and our use of time.

The unemployment chronicles is a forum for people of all backgrounds who have one thing in common: They either are unemployed or have been (a.ka. everyone). We will be obsolete when every human being finds employment. It’s a personal narrative forum, a place for people to voice their concerns, their interests, an anything that has to do with employment.

Unemployment features articles that range from how the recession began, to tips on how to build your resume, to all things job-related.

The series that we feature are:
1) American Dream Series
Amongst other things, here we cover whether the American Dream is dead, immigration issues, the talent myth, the elitism paradox and more!
2) President Series
We will discuss current events regarding policies that affect you on a daily basis. Times are changing so staying informed is key …
3) College Series
Here, we will have a running debate in which we will discuss the benefits or lack thereof in regards to a college education. Read this to see us both hash it out.
4) Free stuff Series
There are too many opportunities out there waiting to be grabbed. If you’re an opportunist, this section is for you! If you’re unemployed and want to sharpen skills and save, again, this section is definitely for you.
5) Work Series
Here, we will discuss strategies and practical application for all things job-related … interview techniques, how to negotiate salaries, how to write a resume, and much more.
6) Investment Series
Save for that rainy day because in this economy, it’s pouring. This section will feature ways to save and how to maximize your finances.
7) Bathroom series
Here, is a secrets section, where readers can blog their personal insights anonymously on anything job, economy, and school-related.

The unemployment chronicles is not an extended version of FML or a gossip blog. Rather, we hope to gain insight about our world and our relation to it. In that vein, we hope that you, readers, will too.

Thank you!


Tiffany A. and Ebony J.


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