Counterargument: Please, For the Sake of Your Wallet…Don’t Believe the Hype

9 Cons:
1. False sense of security (socially and academically)
2. There really is no guarantee, of anything once you graduate
3. Elitism
4. Can be a crap shoot if you lack in resources, or you don’t know what to do once you get there
5. Expensive
6. Depending on the institution…rigid
8. Education is worth it….but the typical animal house stuff…maybe not
9. May be wasting you’re time if not focused…

Let’s Elaborate on the Cons…shall we?


As a product of the cursed class of 2009, I understand that I am biased. And confused. But despite these flaws, I am still entitled to an opinion, and having a romantic and deluded understanding of college can be both deadly and expensive. But I should be clear on one point though: I AM NOT SAYING PEOPLE SHOULD NOT GO TO COLLEGE. That would be quite unfair of me to spit in the face of an institution that has given me more opportunities now than ever before, recession issues aside. But I am saying that college is not the end all and be all, the golden ticket to getting a job or having a career. And the stats and facts that they don’t want you to see, illuminates my argument and frustration with the whole issue.

It is a commonly cited fact that the average student debt out of college is $21,000. Whether in the context of the present, gloomy recession or the golden age of the mid and early 90’s… that is a large amount of money…and if you speak with many individuals you will find that they have much more than $21,000 dollars in debt. As a recent college graduate and added statistic to the millions of people who owe someone money since funding their college education…I truly don’t think that the hype around college is worth it, and only ends up bruising your ego and your wallet. In relation to job worthiness, whether you have a college degree or not, should not be the absolute factor in determining if you are capable of performing well on a job. It should help…but it should not be the only factor.
Trust me, I have met many an incompetent person at college. They being able to obtain a degree…to some degree…does not mean much. Some people use their college education as a crutch…to make up for the fact that they have no personality, no job experience, and no motivation to grind and work themselves up from the bottom like many people who were not fortunate enough to attend college.

Oh yes, I can be harsh, bitter and dramatic. But going to college is a lot more complicated then people make it seem. Its not just simply getting an education, you must also be educated on how to use it to better your life…because at the end of the day if you do not know what to do with your degree once you have earned it…you might as well throw it in the trash! LITERALLY THROW IT IN THE TRASH!

This topic is too big to solve with one article…in this series I am going to explore the reasons why college is overrated…and the rat race to get into college has in some ways devalued other forms of education…which is turn is very, very, problematic.

Next: “College, the Pipe Dream”


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